Introducing CATS of APLIC

Cats of APLICIf you’re active on Twitter you might be wondering exactly what #CATSofAPLIC is all about.

We understand it can be hard to network at the best of times and even harder as a conference newbie! Often you’re attending conference alone, you’re in a new city, or even in a different country – we want to make it easier for you to connect with like-minded people.

So, after some thought, we came up with “CATS” – Connect Achieve Together Socially to help bring people together online and in-person.

What are we doing?

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group are creating a fun way to engage with each other at APLIC. We thought this would be a good way to build professional and social networks and make the conference experience less intimidating.

catsALIA SNGG national co-convenors Maddy Medlycott and Annette Messell will be at APLIC to facilitate a tweet-up discussion every afternoon at the conference. Questions will be posted throughout the day for you to think about, ready to tweet-up a storm at afternoon tea.

We will also have daily activities for you to participate in to make connections with other people.

How can you participate?

  • Get on Twitter and follow @ALIAnewgrads for regular updates about student and new graduate events in Australia.Cat
  • Follow the hashtags #APLIC18 and #CATSofAPLIC to keep up with all the clowder goss. Questions for each afternoon’s tweetup will be posted throughout the morning. Make sure to check them out so you are all ready for the tweetup in the afternoon #beprepared
  • To participate during the afternoon tweetups, have a read of State Library of Queensland’s blog post, How to partake in a live Twitter chat. This will tell you what you need to do to participate. ***Important note for all cats*** Don’t forget to use #CATSofAPLIC in every response, even if it is a retweet. We want all our cats meows to be heard!

But I can’t make it to APLIC….

You can still join the conversation by following the above hashtags. Tweet your questions, reach out to people online, and make some new connections.

Finally…Cat 2

We have a pre-APLIC meetup! If you’re at the Gold Coast early come and meet us for some frivolous fun at Pacific Fair iPlay. Find out all the fun details on our Facebook page.

See you soon!

#auslibchat follow up: notes from Anne Reddacliff

Last week the New Generation Advisory Committee hosted a different sort of #auslibchat where we asked this year’s ALIA Board candidates questions from our student and new graduates community. We, and I’m sure the participants too, very much appreciated the candidates’ time and input to the discussion.

The committee recognises that Twitter chats can be fast-paced and not all our answers fit into 140 characters. So in thanking our candidates, we extended an invitation to post any further thoughts or longer answers that the candidates may have prepared.

Take it away, Anne!

In more than 140 characters I’d like to address two key questions from our Twitter chat last week:

What would you do to champion new gen professionals & new grads in an environment that is increasingly difficult to find a job?


I’d like to see ALIA introduce a mentoring scheme that pairs ALIA members as mentors with students/new grads. The aim is to provide support, guidance and encouragement with applying for jobs as well as to utilise one person’s networks to help another. ALIA has done great work hosting resume cafes/workshops for students, new grads and those affected by redundancies. As a mental health advocate I am particularly interested in how ALIA can help students/new grads to build resilience. I welcome the opportunity to play a larger role in this and would like to develop an online resilience toolkit or infographic to help students and new grads bounce back!

What role does ALIA have to play in the critical librarianship movement? How does this relate to future strategy and action?


As our national association ALIA has an important role to play in critical librarianship. Critical librarianship is about valuing diversity and critiquing the power structures we work within. Groups like ALIA LGBTQ and ATSILIRN provide diverse perspectives to ALIA but there is always more work that can be done. I would welcome input on how ALIA can address some of the issues that are raised in critical librarianship, particularly from external groups like Librarians for Refugees. The ALIA Strategic Plan states that ALIA’s object is to “respect the diversity and individuality of all people.” ALIA is also commencing vital action around the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals which advocate for women and technology, the environment and providing affordable access to the internet. This action is powered by many of the same ideas that drive critical librarianship.

As a final statement I nominated for the ALIA Board because I work in frontline client service and I get direct feedback from clients on how libraries are or aren’t meeting their needs. I am in a sound position to help ALIA devise policies that are responsive to diverse communities and the changing expectations of library clientele. I have a broad professional network and I actively listen to ALIA members and non-members about what they want from our professional association.

If you missed last week’s chat, here is the Storify.

Here are the candidates’ Twitter handles to look out for:

Alicia Cohen – @Alicia_Cohen

Jonathon Guppy – @JonnyGup

Clare O’Dwyer – @MrsChurchill1

Anne Reddacliff – @AMoodiLibrarian

Don’t forget that if you’re an ALIA member, there’s still time to vote! Get to know your candidates and hop to it!


Alisa Howlett

on behalf of the New Generation Advisory Commitee

2014 ALIA conference – SNGG tweetup & cardi party!

photo credit: Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis Okay folks, the other event of the year is arriving. The ALIA conference in Melbourne is just around the corner, and we wanted to combine our love of social networking and libraries with our love of knitwear. It’s time to break out your Librarian Toolkit Standard Issue cardigan, because we’re hosting the 2014 students and new graduates tweetup – the ALIA Cardi Party!

The rules are simple: be in town on Tuesday 16th September. Head to the Atrium Bar at the Pullman Hotel, Melbourne. Grab your favourite/most hideous/most spectacular cardigan, and your (insert amazing smartphone/table device here) and start tweeting! It’s your chance to connect with students, new graduates, librarians and information professionals that you might not meet on a regular basis. Share ideas, swap stories, and start networking!

Be conservative, be classic, be crafty or be crazy: we want you to feel comfortable so if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, head over to our super cool Pinterest board for some cardi ideas. We’ve got everything, from Whovians, cats , and Neville Longbottom, to rockabilly girls, James Bond, and (quite frankly), some of the most terrifying knits to ever find themselves gracing the front pages of craft patterns.


Date: Tuesday, 16th September (first full day of the conference)
Time: 7:15-7:30pm approx, just after the Welcome Reception
Location: Pullman Hotel, Atrium Bar. Look for the cardigans
Who’s invited: everyone! Students, new graduates, professionals, and library lovers.

Important: you do not need to be attending the conference to join in this event: it is completely open access, so if you can’t make the main event, don’t fret!

Follow us on twitter, and start using the hashtag #ALIAcardiganparty. Show us your cable knits!

Keeping in touch: the way you want

Librarians have a long tradition of communicating via email lists. We’re one of the oldest professions (but not the oldest!), and we’ve been on the internet for longer than most. The rise of social media has just served to add to the number of ways we like to talk to each other, and we’re keen to explore all of them.

Ahead of the New Librarians Symposium in September, we asked you how you like to keep in touch with ALIA new graduates. Here’s what you said:

(Click to view larger image)

We asked this question on the blog and Facebook, so it’s hardly surprising that many of you preferred using those media in which you answered the question. But it’s important to remember that many of you also chose more than one option, so really a range of communication methods seems to suit you best.

Across both surveys, about 15 percent of respondents mentioned an interest in communicating with us via Twitter. We don’t have our own Twitter stream at the moment, but given the overwhelming success of new librarians tweeting for #tweetaugust, we’ll keep it in mind. Don’t forget that ALIA has its own Twitter stream to keep you up to date with both national and international library news.

Online communication is really just a placeholder for when we can’t interact in person. We’re holding more and more face-to-face events each year across the nation. If you’re in Brisbane, next up is the Queensland Newgrads event on 24 August. And in September, new librarians will flock to Perth for the exciting experience of NLS5. Don’t miss out!


Librarians! Lend me your ears! The ALIA New Graduate’s Group is kicking off the month of August with a social networking twitter blitz and we need you!

Join us in tweeting at least once each day of August using the hash tag #tweetAugust.

If you’ve never tweeted before, now is a great time to start. Social networking is an increasingly important tool for Librarians, plus you’ve probably already worked out how much Librarians love to network.

Join us!

Find fellow Librarian tweeters through #tweetAugust.