Brisbane: NLS8 Wrap Up

Brought to you by ALIA QLD and ALIA Student and New Graduates Group.

Were you stuck in Queensland for NLS8? No problem, we have you covered! Join us in Brisbane for our NLS8 Wrap Up as we talk with NLS8 presenters and delegates. Hear about what happened in Canberra at the 8th New Librarians’ Symposium, what were the themes, what ideas were sparked, how inspiring were the keynote speakers? (Here’s a hint, very inspiring!)


Details of the event are –

When: Tuesday 11th July | 5:45pm – 7:00pm – networking opportunities available from 5:30pm and after 7pm.

Where: Brisbane Square Library, Level 2, the End Room

How:     RSVP to

Cost:     Free for members, $5 for non-members


We are very lucky to present the following speakers for the NLS8 Wrap Up to you –

Amy Walduck – ALIA State Manager for Queensland

Amy was a Co-Convenor for NLS8, presented a workshop, AND sat on a panel.

Getting down and dirty: Modern realities of special libraries (a masterclass)

Styled for success: A panel discussion on fashion, individuality and dressing professionally for the library and information sector

Hear all about her NLS8 experience from the superwoman herself!


Kylie Burgess – Moreton Bay Regional Library

Kylie was one of the student bursary winners and is also an ALIA SNGG Social Media Coordinator. Hear about Kylie’s experience as an NLS8 delegate and bursary winner and her key take-aways from the symposium.


Eleanor Colla – University of Queensland

Eleanor, the 2016 QULOC Graduate, presented at NLS8 on her experiences with knowledge management.

From chaos to calm through storytelling and community building in GLAM and beyond: A journey and conversation about Knowledge Management

Learn about knowledge management as Eleanor takes you through her presentation.


Anie Woskanian and Naidene Sartori – Griffith University

Anie and Naidene attended NLS8 as delegates. In our NLS8 Wrap Up they will share what they learned and experienced at the symposium first hand.


Michael Hawks and Maddy Medlycott – Queensland University of Technology

Michael and Maddy were first time presenters and put together a workshop at NLS8.

Librarians and Dragons

Hear all about their workshop that combines transferable skills and gamification.


Come along to Brisbane’s NLS8 Wrap Up and hear from these amazing speakers. It will be as if you were at NLS8 yourself!

Don’t forget to RSVP to

NLS8Wrap Up


Humans of NLS8

Ever wondered who your peers really are? What makes them tick, who inspires them, what it their favourite ice cream flavour? As new GLAMR professionals there are so many interesting people within our own profession to meet.

To officially launch our new Instagram account, @ALIAnewgrads, we are bringing the GLAMR people to you! Introducing to you Humans of NLS8, affectionately called HONLS8. In the style of Humans of New York, the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group will be walking around the New Librarians Symposium taking pictures and asking NLS8 delegates, volunteers and presenters about their experience at the symposium. Also discovering their views on the GLAM industry in general and a quirky fact here and there. All photos will be posted (with permission) to our brand new @ALIAnewgrads Instagram account!

This mini project will run throughout NLS8 and will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about some new LIS faces plus give our HONLS8 their well deserved 15 minutes of Instagram fame! Not only this but it will provide a snapshot of NLS8 and GLAMR professionals today that we can look back on in another 80 years, #ALIA80.

To get involved with HONLS8 make sure to follow @ALIAnewgrads on Instagram and keep an eye out for #HONLS8. Plus for all your NLS8 shots don’t forget to find @ALIAnls and follow #NLS8!