New Interview Series – LIS people you never knew existed!

As 2014 promises fresh starts and turning of new and innovative pages, The ALIA New Graduates Group has gone underground to interview Library and Info people in the community you might not of heard of, are doing wonderful work and undertaking projects that make working in our industry all that more exciting around Australia and abroad. 

Our first instalment takes a deep look into the life of Yan a Educational Nurse turned Public Librarian. She talks about her passion for books and multicultural communities and the reason why we need to be working for our communities throughout the incredible technological changes. 

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Sign a petition to help save Victorian public libraries!

You may have seen in a recent article in The Age, ‘State government plans to slash library funding‘, that the Baillieu government will slash funding to Victorian public libraries this year. This is likely to mean shorter opening hours and cuts to internet services and other projects. The opposition believes that disadvantaged communities will suffer most, where many residents use a library to access services (such as the internet) that they cannot otherwise afford.

The Age quoted recent departmental figures that show Victoria has around 290 permanent libraries and 26 mobile libraries, with 2.5 million Victorians members of their local libraries. Please sign this petition if you want your voice (and theirs) to be heard.