WA Library Fight Club!

Where did you get that bruise?


What’s this?
A meeting of library people to discuss hot topics, learn from the discussion and put new ideas and concepts to the test. We will find all the arguments and counter–arguments around a topic and voice opinions that might be unpopular but will force us to analyse and rethink current practises.

Everyone who wants a say can have one, and everyone who attends can have a go at giving some kind of opinion – whether sensible or outlandish. Sometimes arguing against what you believe clarifies why you actually believe it. Or you could even find you change your mind.

Our last Library Fight Club was a roaring success, well-attended and well-received by attendees. So we are hoping for the same great turnout for this round!
Of course, we don’t talk about Library Fight Club, but we may tweet/blog it if anyone non-local is interested. Let us know.

When is it on?
Thursday 14th July, 5.30 for 6pm start
The Brisbane Hotel, 292 Beaufort St, Perth WA 6003
RSVP here by the 13th July
This is a free event, but we are expected to buy a few drinks from the bar downstairs.

What will we fight about at the meeting?
“To degree or not to degree? Are formal library qualifications still relevant or could work experience and degrees from other disciplines be better?”

Do I have to prepare?
You can “prepare” if you want, or just have a few opinions in mind. However, be aware that you will be assigned a “side” at random upon arrival.

We hope to see you there!

WA Students & New Grads – Escape Together!


Calling all WA Students & New Grads!

Escape together! ALIA & RIMPA New Grads and Curtin LIS Alumni networking event: Mystic Clue Cannington, 18 June 2016 at 4.45pm

The ALIA & RIMPA New Grads and Curtin LIS Alumni are hosting a networking event in June! It’s taken us a few months to organise our first event of 2016; we’ve been working to make our gatherings as exciting and worthwhile as ever.

The June event will be held at Mystic Clue, one of Perth’s real-life room escape puzzle adventures. We will be put inside a themed room, in groups of up to eight people, to follow a story, read clues and solve puzzles in order to get out of the room.

The event will be a great way for new library and records people to get to know each other, because team work will be vital for success!

What: Team work and puzzle solving to complete room escape game

Where: Mystic Clue, Unit 7/ 1451 Albany Highway Cannington WA 6107

When: 4.45pm, Saturday 18 June 2016 (the games start at 5pm, latecomers will not be able to join in)

Cost: $30 per person (to be paid on the day)

RSVP: http://goo.gl/forms/fFjpXlrobFFrHOo23 (by Wednesday 15 June)

Each room escape game can take up to 90 minutes from 5pm. If any team gets really confused the owners will give them extra clues, it’s meant to be fun not frustrating! Make sure you eat before you come as no food or drink is allowed in the rooms.

It is very important that everyone arrives on time, as we will enter the rooms at 5pm and once we are in no one else can join in. We don’t want anyone to get left out!

Take a look at the website for more information: http://mysticclue.com.au/

Please RSVP if you would like to come. We look forward to seeing you all there.


San Churros!

To all WA New Grads!

Just a reminder that all the New Grads/ RIMPA and anyone else working in Libraries are invited to come down to San Churros in Northbridge and come enjoy a chocolatey feast!

Unfortunately there is no more Matthias as he is moving to Townsville 😦 , so spotting us will be a bit harder as there is no more man with the beard to stand out but we do have two new members of the New Grad group Molly Tebo and Karina Oliver who you will get to meet!

Anyways here are the details:
What: NewGrads event
Who: NewGrads and anybody else interested in coming down
Where : San Churros in Northbridge
When: Wed March 7th
Time: 5pm onwards

Perth NewGrads in the Pub for September and beyond!

I’ve managed to get my act together and I’ve organised dates and venues for NewGrads in the Pub for the rest of the year!

As usual, these are all joint events with RIMPA. We welcome students as well as new graduates!


Tuesday 27th September from 17:30 at the Belgian Beer Cafe


Thursday 20th October from 17:30 at Venn Cafe+Bar


Wednesday 30th November from 17:30 at the Cheeky Sparrow (1/317 Murray Street, Perth. Enter via Wolfe Lane)


No NewGrads drinks due to the festive season. I might organise something if there’s enough demand for people to get a break from their families!

WA: NewGrads in the pub

It’s been a long time since WA NewGrads got together. This needs to change!

Come along to the Ezra Pound Bar, have some informal drinks and
network with other NewGrads.

When: Thursday 28th October from 17:30
Where: Ezra Pound Bar (Williams Lane, 189 William St, Northbridge)
Cost: Just your drinks
RSVP: Not necessary

Don’t worry if you can’t make this one, I’m planning another one very soon.