Humans of NLS8

During the New Librarians Symposium in Canberra, ALIA Students and New Graduates Group were busy meeting all of the Humans of NLS8 and sharing them with everyone via our Instagram account. Check out the Humans of NLS8 that we managed to meet and find out all about them.

MichaelMeet Michael Hawks [@mikeyh177] our first #HONLS8 who we interviewed over breakfast ☕️ Where have you come from? 🎶where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe🎶 But seriously, I’m originally from Perth but have spent the last three & a bit years in #Brisbane. What are looking forward to at #NLS8?@netty_mess 😍 Also seeing other guys too [other LIS students & graduates]. Also what other GLAMRzons have put together. Plus my own workshop #librariansanddragons with @_its_levioosa make sure to check it out on Sunday #plugging What their ideas & thoughts are for the future of the industry. What pop culture character do you think would make a good librarian? Kermit the Frog 🐸 because he has a Doctorate of Amphibious Letters (and if that doesn’t qualify for membership to ALIA, then I don’t know what will…), he is #inquisitive, #innovative, a natural born leader & is great at bringing together a ragtag group of misfits to follow their dreams! #sngg #alia #alia80 #GLAMR#coffeechats

JamesMeet James! He is a regional Coordinator for #ALIASNGG and a #HONLS8. Here is more about James in his own words: I hail from Adelaide and work as a Graduate Library Officer (GLO) at University of South Australia. A DIY career means to me that I have to put in the work to develop ny skills. This also means understanding what my weaknesses are and finding ways to fill those skill gaps. What excites me the most about starting a GLAM career is that I finally feel at home. Libraries are where I want to be and I’m so happy to be part of NLS8! #nls8 #sngg#ALIA #ALIA80

AnnaOur next #HONLS8 is Anna Rubinowski, National Co-convenor of ALIA SNGG.Here is a little more from Anna: Where have you come from? I’m currently living in Melbourne, where I have lived for the last few years after leaving Germany to do my Master of Information Management in Melbourne. Networking tips? I’m an introvert at heart, but there is lots of us introverts at the conference! Just start by asking someone where they are from, what they are currently doing, and it will go from there. If that’s not working for you, look out for someone with an ALIA SNGG badge – they are part of the ALIA Students & New Graduates Group and will happily introduce you to someone. Favourite item from the NLS8 pack? The ALIA SNGG bookmarks of course! If NLS8 was an ice cream flavor what would it be and why? Salted caramel – GLAMR people are all so different and should not get along so well, but NLS8 shows us that together we are great! #ALIA80 #ALIA #sngg #nls8

TraceyOur next #HONLS8 Tracey Allen [@traceymaree83] one of our delegates! Why did you choose to pursue a career in #GLAM? I knew that my position as a nanny wouldn’t last forever and so I looked into future proof careers and as “Information is power” I started my journey to become an Information Professional. What is your favourite #book and why would you recommend it to people? My favourite book is Jane Eyre. Jane went through so much in her life and yet she never gave up. She was also a #Governess (the original #nanny).Do you think #librarians have one common personality trait? Yes, we’re all very encouraging people. What do you like about attending #conferences? Getting to know more library peeps and learning new #skills and #techniques #HONLS8 #NLS8 #sngg #alia80 #nannyturnedlibrarian #meettracey

StephanieOur first #honls8 for the morning is Stephanie Simon. Steph and Wayne are presenting today in the Ferguson room on Transforming the library’s fixed service point to proactive virtual services. Here is what Steph had to say: Where have you come from? Adelaide, University of South Australia. Why did you choose to pursue a career in GLAM? I started working casually in libraries during my undergrad degree, I loved it and decided that was where I wanted to build my career. Which pop-culture character do you think would be a good librarian? Wonder Woman as she wields the Lasso of Truth. That would be handy for a Librarian #nls8 #sngg #alia

EmilyOur next #HONLS8 is Emily Wilson who works at the State Library of South Australia and is the State Manager for ALIA SA (its also her birthday today). Here is what she had to say. Where have you come from? Adelaide. City of Champions. Favourite item in the swag bag? Bookmarks. Love a good bookmark. D.I.Y Tip? Read widely, think critically and challenge yourself. #nls8 #sngg#alia

KimberleyKimberley Dye is our next #HONLS8 Kimberley works at the State Library of South Australia. Favourite book? Killing Joke by Alan Moore. Which pop-culture character would make a good librarian ? Batgirl/oracle as she is already a librarian and would make a great digital curator. Biggest fear about starting a GLAM career ? For me its about there not being enough jobs for new librarians. Kimberley is presenting today on increasing digital preservation skills in libraries. #nls8 #sngg #alia #alia80 #aliasngg

ElizabethMeet Elizabeth one of the committee members our next #HONLS8. Here is what she had to say: I work in a drama school and my fave classic play is The Tempest by Shakespeare. I like it so much I tattooed the DDC number for it on my arm! Yes I’m a nerd. DIY career to me means working together, pulling up other people behind you – like our ILN keynotes said this morning, do it together! My DIY tip for new librarians is – give it a go. You’ll never never know if you never never give it a go… #nls8 #alia #sngg

ClareOur next #HONLS8 is the lovely Clare, a home-town Canberra girl! Here is a bit more about Clare, in her own words: I think librarians are curious. About people and information, we see this as a puzzle to be solved, not a scary challenge. And that’s why I like libraries, I love research, but in libraries I get to combine that with helping people, which is brilliant (especially as it avoids sales targets I had in previous jobs). At #nls8 I’m hoping to meet people, give out my business cards (I forget too!), and find inspiring to find a new (hopefully but not necessarily) library job! #nls8 #ALIA #ALIASNGG #ALIA80

NathanHave you met Nathan? He’s our next #HONLS8. Here is a bit more about Nathan, in his own words: I’m Wiradjuri man, I work at the Australian Museum in First Nations programming, but have a library degree (finished my last assignment a few weeks ago). My goal in GLAM is to provide and promote access to to the First Nations cultural heritage in memory institutions to First Nations communities through outreach and advocacy, as well as help capture and preserve First Nations voices and rectify Western biases in memory institutions. #nls8 #ALIA #ALIASNGG#ALIA80 #HONLS8

NicolletteMeet our next #HONLS8 Nicollette Suttor an #NLS8 delegate😄 What does DIY mean to you? It means working out what you want, who to talk to about it to give you feedback, more ideas and how to pursue it. How did you get here? Applied for the Federal Public Service program and was offered a placement at the Australian National Library, National Museum and other places. And I chose the Australian National Library 😄 #HONLS8 #nls8 #sngg #alia #alia80#librariansrock #anlforthewin

JoHave you met Jo Hare [@maybe__sparrow] yet at #NLS8? Well now you can because she is our next #HONLS8 😄 Where have you come from? I’ve come from City University of Hong Kong in… Hong Kong 🇭🇰! But I was previously on the far north coast of NSW. I’m here at NLS with my colleague Chris to talk about Hong Kong Libraries Connect, an independent library network seeking to connect library professionals in Hong Kong. We are brand new and having fun! Check out our presentation today in the #theatre Why did you choose to pursue a career in #GLAM? My deep dark secret is I initially did the LIS MA so I could work overseas, & I’m just really lucky that I ended up in a really supportive workplace where I learned to love the profession! Any #DIY tips for new #librarians? My DIY tip is just bloody go for it this is a great bunch of people to practice your #networking skills on (Please say hello to me I’m not that good at networking myself! 😁) If #NLS8 was an ice cream flavour what would it be and why? …it would be boysenberry for selfish reasons because I haven’t had boysenberry ice cream in ages and I love it 😊🍦 #aliasngg #sngg #alia #alia80 #nls8icecream #funpose #saycheese 😄

JessMeet Jess [@balcairn], our next #HONLS8: My favourite thing about #nls8 has been meeting like minded people when online studying has been a tiny bit more isolating. I pursued a career in GLAMR because I want to preserve cultural heritage and organise information, and contribute to community and meaning building. My favourite book is The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman because it helps through some tough mental health days and gives good support that pop psychology might leave out or gloss over in the name of positivity. My DIY tip is just to get started, take the first step and try, because that’s the only way to succeed, and failure is only temporary. #nls8 #ALIA #ALIASNGG #sngg #ALIA80

SueMeet Sue, our next #HONLS8. She thinks having R. David Lankes as a keynote speaker via Skype is a bit brilliant (so do we!) and she is a #HONLS8 fan. Here’s more about Sue: I am from RMIT in Melbourne and keen to take in the very cool things #NLS8 has on offer. Great sessions but I specially like the breakout room. Very quirky. I am GLAMRous because my mother said I liked books and I would like being a librarian! What do mothers know? I do like books and being an LIS academic after being a TL but the two aren’t really linked as we all know. I like conferences too because of the people you catch up with and meet. I love seeing my students and ex students and hearing about the fabulous things they are doing. They make me proud. Whatever you see in the mirror is what a librarian is. #ALIA80 #sngg #ALIASNGG #ALIA #nls8

LibbyMeet Libby [@ladyvelmacass] a #nls8 speaker, delegate and our next #HONLS8 😁 What has been the most memorable thing so far at #NLS8? Getting up early catching a bus through a thick fog to get to Albert Hall for the the recreation of the historic photo for ALIA’s 80th birthday #alia80 Relief after the completion of my workshop and panel discussion and the sense of #satisfaction when people told me afterwards that they learnt something and are #inspired to learn more. What is your favourite book and why would you recommend it to people? Possession AS Byatt. A riff on detective novels the book is a clever and funny. Two academics use their skills to unravel a mystery about poetry. (I think I want to read this now!) Name one thing you were surprised to learn this weekend? How many participants self funded What is your best #DIY asset and why? Sense of curiosity and my #ALIA membership. Both provide lots of opportunity to learn new things and get involved. #powerpose #sngg #powerful #yayforlibby

Meet Tess, one of the @utslibrary Engagement Gange members a #HONLS8 😁What has been the most memorable thing so far at #NLS8? All of the sessions have been amazing, but my favourite parts of NLS8 so far have been the bits in between the – I’ve talked to some incredibly #smart and #talented #librarians and it’s been great to hear their ideas (and borrow some for my library!) What is your best #DIY asset and why? I always want to try something new, which is my best DIY asset. I say yes to every opportunity that comes up – that’s how I got here! I’ve gotten so much experience by doing this, which has helped me become a better #librarian #sngg #alia #alia80 #engagmentgang #networking #sayyes #therobot

RebekahMeet Rebekah from Penrith City Library in NSW. For her a DIY career means following your own path wherever it takes you + doing what you enjoy. She also reckons if #nls8 was an ice cream flavour it would be coffee because its stimulating and awesome #honls8 #honls #nls8 #DIY #sngg @alianls

CindyLet me introduce you to Cindy Nguyen. An ACT Region Coordinator for ALIA SNGG. She moved from Melbourne and came to Canberra for study. For networking, she recommends lots of smiling, an approachable nature and the telling of lots of lame puns. She is excited about becoming a GLAMR professional because she wants to help people and do something she loves and she believes Doctor Who would make a great librarian as he is full of knowledge, passion and adventure. The ultimate librarian! #honls #honls8 #nls8 #sngg @alianls

#NLS8 is over and it has been #amazing! Thank you to all of the HONLS8 that attended NLS8. And if you haven’t already, make sure to follow our ALIA Students and New Graduates on Instagram 😁


Brisbane: NLS8 Wrap Up

Brought to you by ALIA QLD and ALIA Student and New Graduates Group.

Were you stuck in Queensland for NLS8? No problem, we have you covered! Join us in Brisbane for our NLS8 Wrap Up as we talk with NLS8 presenters and delegates. Hear about what happened in Canberra at the 8th New Librarians’ Symposium, what were the themes, what ideas were sparked, how inspiring were the keynote speakers? (Here’s a hint, very inspiring!)


Details of the event are –

When: Tuesday 11th July | 5:45pm – 7:00pm – networking opportunities available from 5:30pm and after 7pm.

Where: Brisbane Square Library, Level 2, the End Room

How:     RSVP to

Cost:     Free for members, $5 for non-members


We are very lucky to present the following speakers for the NLS8 Wrap Up to you –

Amy Walduck – ALIA State Manager for Queensland

Amy was a Co-Convenor for NLS8, presented a workshop, AND sat on a panel.

Getting down and dirty: Modern realities of special libraries (a masterclass)

Styled for success: A panel discussion on fashion, individuality and dressing professionally for the library and information sector

Hear all about her NLS8 experience from the superwoman herself!


Kylie Burgess – Moreton Bay Regional Library

Kylie was one of the student bursary winners and is also an ALIA SNGG Social Media Coordinator. Hear about Kylie’s experience as an NLS8 delegate and bursary winner and her key take-aways from the symposium.


Eleanor Colla – University of Queensland

Eleanor, the 2016 QULOC Graduate, presented at NLS8 on her experiences with knowledge management.

From chaos to calm through storytelling and community building in GLAM and beyond: A journey and conversation about Knowledge Management

Learn about knowledge management as Eleanor takes you through her presentation.


Anie Woskanian and Naidene Sartori – Griffith University

Anie and Naidene attended NLS8 as delegates. In our NLS8 Wrap Up they will share what they learned and experienced at the symposium first hand.


Michael Hawks and Maddy Medlycott – Queensland University of Technology

Michael and Maddy were first time presenters and put together a workshop at NLS8.

Librarians and Dragons

Hear all about their workshop that combines transferable skills and gamification.


Come along to Brisbane’s NLS8 Wrap Up and hear from these amazing speakers. It will be as if you were at NLS8 yourself!

Don’t forget to RSVP to

NLS8Wrap Up

Humans of NLS8

Ever wondered who your peers really are? What makes them tick, who inspires them, what it their favourite ice cream flavour? As new GLAMR professionals there are so many interesting people within our own profession to meet.

To officially launch our new Instagram account, @ALIAnewgrads, we are bringing the GLAMR people to you! Introducing to you Humans of NLS8, affectionately called HONLS8. In the style of Humans of New York, the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group will be walking around the New Librarians Symposium taking pictures and asking NLS8 delegates, volunteers and presenters about their experience at the symposium. Also discovering their views on the GLAM industry in general and a quirky fact here and there. All photos will be posted (with permission) to our brand new @ALIAnewgrads Instagram account!

This mini project will run throughout NLS8 and will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about some new LIS faces plus give our HONLS8 their well deserved 15 minutes of Instagram fame! Not only this but it will provide a snapshot of NLS8 and GLAMR professionals today that we can look back on in another 80 years, #ALIA80.

To get involved with HONLS8 make sure to follow @ALIAnewgrads on Instagram and keep an eye out for #HONLS8. Plus for all your NLS8 shots don’t forget to find @ALIAnls and follow #NLS8!

NGAC NLS8 Bursary Competition: an update

Last week, the New Generation Advisory Committee launched its New Librarians Symposium bursary competition. Tweets were posted, an email was sent to ALIA members. Almost immediately, we received feedback on one aspect – the age range.

We are a volunteer committee and while we are passionate about new and early career information professionals’ issues, we also rely on our community to reach out to us with feedback and to let us know what is affecting them and their experience with establishing themselves in the library and information profession. To those who gave feedback, we thank you.

Prior to launching the bursary competition, we were in two minds about the age range. But we didn’t question the direction because the purpose of the age range was to have those still working in the profession in 20 years time reflect on what was envisioned or foretold in this year, when ALIA’s time capsule would be opened in 2037. We also knew that this bursary competition wouldn’t be the only ‘time capsule’ or 80th anniversary celebration activity ALIA had planned.

Following feedback on the bursary competition, NGAC members had one of our many discussions we have about new and early career library and information professionals’ issues and concerns. Being a committee from different sectors and bringing in our own individual perspectives and experiences, our discussions result in various points and angles being considered. This is reflected in the hard work NGAC puts in to develop and provide engagement opportunities to new and early career information professionals. And we aim to make these opportunities as inclusive and accessible as possible to our community. #auslibchat is a fabulous example of this.

What we didn’t make clear when we first announced the bursary was that this competition won’t be the only way to contribute to ALIA’s 80th birthday celebrations. We regret any confusion we caused about this. Details about further activities this year, and how all members of ALIA can contribute to the planned time capsule, will be released soon. So stay tuned!

If you’re a new or early career information professional (graduated within last seven years) and would love to attend an amazing conference just for you, we look forward to seeing your entries for our bursary competition.

Alisa Howlett

Chairperson, and on behalf of the New Generation Advisory Committee