New Generation Advisory Committee Update

Thanks for all your support in 2018

2018 was another busy year for ALIA’s New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) and we’re looking forward to an exciting 2019.

NGAC’s role is to advise the ALIA Board of Directors on issues of relevance to students and new professionals as well as working with the Students and New Graduates Group to engage and involve students and new graduates with the profession and the wider ALIA community.

We’ve continued to do this in 2018 through:


Our most popular topics in 2018 were Critical Librarianship; Innovative Library Marketing; and Time & Stress management. We also learned a lot this year from some more specialised chats on different sectors, such as Schools, Archives, & Health Libraries. All our #auslibchats are archived here.

Submissions to ALIA Board

We provided advice during the development of the Truth Integrity Knowledge campaign, endorsed ALIA’s support of the Uluru Statement From The Heart, and in collaboration with SNGG, submitted feedback on the 2018 Asia-Pacific Library and Information Conference from students and new graduates.

Collaboration & Communication

As always, we could not have had such a great year without our counterparts in the Students and New Graduates group. A great highlight was our co authored article on Ten ideas for PD on Twitter in the September/October InCite.

In 2018, we also took the opportunity to review how we communicate, drawing on the 2017 communication survey to consider what communication methods, styles, and frequency is the most useful for students and new grads to interact with us. We hope this helps us to reach out more in 2019.

New members

In 2018, we welcomed

  • Matthew Burgess, @matthewpburgess, NSW
  • Samantha Hay, @sambrarian, WA

Looking forward to 2019

2019 is shaping up as an exciting year for the ALIA students and new grads community with NLS9 in Adelaide, as well as ALIA advocacy issues on Indigenous matters (including celebrating the International Year of Indigenous languages) and  The Truth, Integrity, Knowledge (TIK) campaign.

NGAC will be kicking off 2019 with:

Choose your own #auslibchat adventure

As part of NGAC support of The Truth, Integrity, Knowledge (TIK) campaign we’ll be hosting some themed #auslibchats on key #TIK issues. We’ve also asked  which #TIK themes are the most crucial to students and new graduates. 

New chair and vice chair… and maybe you?

Elizabeth Smith and Elizabeth Alvey will conclude their terms as co-chairs in March. In 2019, NGAC will appoint a new chair and vice chair and recruit new members. So if you are in the first 7 years of your career and passionate about issues affecting the LIS industry – look out for this opportunity in 2019.

Contact us

In 2019 we continue to be committed to ensuring that the voices of students and new graduates are a part of ALIA and that there are opportunities to engage with the wider profession. As always, if there’s a particular issue that you feel is affecting this group – reach out to us at or at @aliangac. 


ALIA NGAC members share their story: apply now!

The ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee is currently recruiting new members! Over the last couple of weeks, our current members have been sharing what they’ve learned and gained in their professional development by contributing to NGAC and the broader, student and new graduates LIS community here in Australia.

We’ve collected the tweets and videos into a Storify….so don’t take just my word for it and hear what NGAC members have to say….

If you’re passionate about understanding the issues, trends and concerns of the student and new graduate LIS community, and driven to provide a voice directly to the ALIA Board, being an NGAC member is for you.

Applications close on Friday 10 November 2017.

If you have any questions or would like further information about our role or the recruitment process, please email aliangac [at]

Alisa Howlett
Chair, ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee

ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee – We’re Looking for YOU!


We are looking for new members who are enthusiastic to make a contribution to the LIS
profession in Australia.

NGAC currently has four membership vacancies. These will be split into two intakes, two
members at the start of 2018 and two more at the end of the first third of 2018.

Please take a minute to read the position description and criteria via the link below.

NGAC Recruitment 2017

If you have any questions please contact us via

Applications close Friday 10 November 2017.

ALIA Board Letter to NGAC Response on Marriage Equality Postal Survey

ALIA Newsletter Heading NGAC

On 16 August 2017, the ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee submitted our response to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey to the ALIA Board, with recommendations for actions we would like to see from ALIA. On 23 August 2017 we received a brief response to this submission, which we did not make public at the time. Later, when ALIA received further correspondence regarding the postal survey from Members of the association, they offered to provide us with a letter giving further detail and context to their initial response that we could then make publicly available.


This letter was received on 11 September 2017. We thank the ALIA CEO and Board for their time and willingness to continue dialogue around this important issue. We also thank them for their actions so far.


As stated in our original submission, we believe marriage equality is a human rights issue, and neutrality from the library industry at this time would only provide implicit support to those who would seek to vilify and discriminate against LGBTQIA+ people in Australia.


Let’s be clear. We feel the postal survey is a divisive and hurtful political process, and we cannot endorse people or institutions who would deny people’s civil rights on the basis of their sexuality or gender.


We agree that ALIA Members are “engaged, intelligent thinkers”. We see the pressure from these Members on social media as a sign not of the industry turning in on itself, but as a sign of our profession doing what it does best: advocating for our communities. And we urge everyone reading this to continue to advocate and take any action they are able to, to support the LGBTQIA+ community.


Read the letter here:

ALIA Marriage equality response to NGAC

#auslibchat follow up: notes from Anne Reddacliff

Last week the New Generation Advisory Committee hosted a different sort of #auslibchat where we asked this year’s ALIA Board candidates questions from our student and new graduates community. We, and I’m sure the participants too, very much appreciated the candidates’ time and input to the discussion.

The committee recognises that Twitter chats can be fast-paced and not all our answers fit into 140 characters. So in thanking our candidates, we extended an invitation to post any further thoughts or longer answers that the candidates may have prepared.

Take it away, Anne!

In more than 140 characters I’d like to address two key questions from our Twitter chat last week:

What would you do to champion new gen professionals & new grads in an environment that is increasingly difficult to find a job?


I’d like to see ALIA introduce a mentoring scheme that pairs ALIA members as mentors with students/new grads. The aim is to provide support, guidance and encouragement with applying for jobs as well as to utilise one person’s networks to help another. ALIA has done great work hosting resume cafes/workshops for students, new grads and those affected by redundancies. As a mental health advocate I am particularly interested in how ALIA can help students/new grads to build resilience. I welcome the opportunity to play a larger role in this and would like to develop an online resilience toolkit or infographic to help students and new grads bounce back!

What role does ALIA have to play in the critical librarianship movement? How does this relate to future strategy and action?


As our national association ALIA has an important role to play in critical librarianship. Critical librarianship is about valuing diversity and critiquing the power structures we work within. Groups like ALIA LGBTQ and ATSILIRN provide diverse perspectives to ALIA but there is always more work that can be done. I would welcome input on how ALIA can address some of the issues that are raised in critical librarianship, particularly from external groups like Librarians for Refugees. The ALIA Strategic Plan states that ALIA’s object is to “respect the diversity and individuality of all people.” ALIA is also commencing vital action around the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals which advocate for women and technology, the environment and providing affordable access to the internet. This action is powered by many of the same ideas that drive critical librarianship.

As a final statement I nominated for the ALIA Board because I work in frontline client service and I get direct feedback from clients on how libraries are or aren’t meeting their needs. I am in a sound position to help ALIA devise policies that are responsive to diverse communities and the changing expectations of library clientele. I have a broad professional network and I actively listen to ALIA members and non-members about what they want from our professional association.

If you missed last week’s chat, here is the Storify.

Here are the candidates’ Twitter handles to look out for:

Alicia Cohen – @Alicia_Cohen

Jonathon Guppy – @JonnyGup

Clare O’Dwyer – @MrsChurchill1

Anne Reddacliff – @AMoodiLibrarian

Don’t forget that if you’re an ALIA member, there’s still time to vote! Get to know your candidates and hop to it!


Alisa Howlett

on behalf of the New Generation Advisory Commitee