Interview Series #2 – LIS people you never knew existed!

Our second instalment takes a look at Katrina’s journey from a degree in Ancient History to Children’s librarianship and the changes and challenges breaking into the field being a new graduate.
What made you want to become a children’s librarian?
After I finished my first degree, a Bachelor of Ancient History, I was faced with a choice between undertaking my PhD in ancient history or finding a job. Unable to face another thesis, I decided to apply for work in a library, figuring that my undergraduate degree had, at least, provided me with good research skills which could be applied in a library setting. I got a job as a library technician in the Children’s and Youth Services team in a public library, where I remained for the next three years. I really enjoyed my time in this role, particularly appreciating the variety of work, which included storytime, teen programs, running book clubs, and more traditional library work such as answering reference enquiries. In fact, I enjoyed this role so much I decided to attain my Masters in Information and Knowledge Management to become a Children and Youth Services Librarian.

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New Interview Series – LIS people you never knew existed!

As 2014 promises fresh starts and turning of new and innovative pages, The ALIA New Graduates Group has gone underground to interview Library and Info people in the community you might not of heard of, are doing wonderful work and undertaking projects that make working in our industry all that more exciting around Australia and abroad. 

Our first instalment takes a deep look into the life of Yan a Educational Nurse turned Public Librarian. She talks about her passion for books and multicultural communities and the reason why we need to be working for our communities throughout the incredible technological changes. 

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My name is Isobel and I am from Tasmania, as well…

… and we’re not related (as far as we know).

Whilst I feel ashamed that I can’t boast a beard as magnificent as Felix’s, I have attached a photo (left).
And because Felix did (yes, if he told me to jump off a bridge I probably would too – or perhaps we are just similarly lazy/chronically short on time) I will copy and paste my bio from the ALIA page…

Isobel graduated from the Diploma of Information Management at UTAS in 2008 after a few years in the vocational wilderness. Since then she has worked in a variety of libraries, including the State Library of Tasmania, the University of Tasmania Library and the Tasmanian Parliamentary Library. Her current role is Manager of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Arts Library in Hobart.

Being a librarian satisfies her thirst for knowledge; being a library manager satisfies her lust for autonomy (read: power). Of particular interest is the high level research that comes with special library work. Educational development work at the University of Tasmania also encouraged a professional interest in developing and delivering training. Through her wide variety of work experiences Isobel has developed a network of professional contacts and hopes to be able to capitalise on this to benefit Tasmanian New Graduates.

Another interest is work/life balance: in her spare time, Isobel enjoys reading, keeping fit, travelling with her husband and navigating Clint Eastwood’s back catalogue.

Please do get in touch with your ideas for a get-together for Taswegian New Graddites. Drinks? Sure. Love-in? Perhaps not, but we’ll see…