Seeking applications for ALIA SNGG Convenors!

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Do you want to contribute to the Library and Information industry? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to manage a team online? We are looking for 1-2 convenors to help oversee the successful running of ALIA Students and New Graduates Group (ALIA SNGG). 

The executive team of ALIA SNGG is currently made up of two Co-Convenors and a National Secretary who support the rest of the team and provide structure to the year. The responsibility of the convenors is to liaise with the coordinators, oversee the running of national events, report to ALIA board, and touch-base the New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) in a monthly meeting.

The wider team is a dedicated group of volunteers from around Australia who help to create connections and support students and new graduates from the Library and Information Sector. We have a strong online social media presence, with volunteer coordinators working across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Blog. We also have regional coordinators across most states in Australia who are responsible for hosting in-person and online networking and professional development events. With these teams we also support a resume review service and job help site. Our team utilises online tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Go-To-Meetings, as well as other content-creation tools ie. Canva and Survey Monkey.

If any of the above has interested you, read on!

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The term for Convenor of the group is a volunteer position and is traditionally two years long. In the past this position has been filled by one person or two people working as a team. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in gaining valuable management experience coordinating a diverse team online to show the world what you’ve got. Working in this role you will have the opportunity to network with members of NGAC, ALIA House, ALIA State Managers, as well as everyday students and new graduates of LIS. You will be required to conduct meetings, coordinate national events, and ensure the team operates smoothly throughout the year. You are also required to periodically report to ALIA on the events ALIA SNGG runs as well as social media statistics. 

We are taking applications for convenor positions starting in June, 2020. If you are successful in your application you will be supported and mentored into the position by the current Co-Convenors, Maddy and Annette. 

Read the position description below to get more of an insight into the role. If you would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity please get in touch with us at  

ALIA Student and New Graduate Convenor – Position Description

If you’d like to apply for the role as a Convenor or Co-Convenor for ALIA Students and New Graduates Group please contact us and let us know the following –

  1. Why are you interested in this position?
  2. What skills/passions would you bring to ALIA SNGG?
  3. Are you interested in being a solo Convener or a Co-Convenor? If Co-Convenor, is there someone else applying you want to work with?

Applications close 17 May 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to watch the amazing future of ALIA SNGG unfold!

Please note, you must be a member of ALIA in order to apply. 


We hope to hear from you soon!

Maddy & Annette

GLAMR Professional Profile – Ashleigh Paul


Ashleigh Paul (1)

GLAMR professional profiles are back! We are looking at some of the people behind the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group who make up our fantastic network of volunteers – beginning with Ashleigh Paul. Ashleigh is a social media coordinator for ALIA SNGG and it part of our Twitter team. Ashleigh currently works as a library officer for the City of West Torrens and as a library assistant at St Mary’s College. In this interview, Ashleigh discusses what attracted her to ALIA SNGG and provides some tips  for working online.

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Event Wrap Up: Digital Literacy Reconsidered

On Tuesday, 4th February, at UTS in Sydney, a Meetup was held by UTS Engage to reconsider the concept of digital literacy.  There were two speakers – Heidi Julien, Professor of Information Science at the University at Buffalo; and Amelia Johns, Senior Lecturer in Digital and Social Media at UTS Sydney.

Heidi Julien reflected on the huge importance placed on digital literacy, that it doesn’t really warrant.  UNESCO have stated that information and digital literacy “contributes to sustainable world peace”. The burden of world peace is one that is now placed on the shoulders of educators and librarians! This burden is often reinforced by librarians who make lofty claims about the importance of digital literacy and see themselves as the gatekeepers of digital literacy, while frequently not having experience or expertise in teaching.

Information seeking processes are situational, social and embodied as part of a dynamic process.  People believe what they have been brought up to believe, not always remembering where they got their information, and so their internal biases are difficult to overcome.  Social conformity also impacts our search processes and so while information/digital literacy is important, it’s insufficient on its own as a basis for widespread change.

Digital literacy is increasingly important for most careers, and so is an important part of our lives but it’s not a magic bullet that will fix social and economic inequity.  Ultimately Ms Julien had a lot of challenges and questions for us but not a lot of answers.

Amelia Johns spoke second, presenting research findings on misinformation and hate speech on social media, looking specifically into social media output surrounding the recent bushfires.

Digital literacy was added to the primary and high school curriculum to equip students with tech skills, but then social issues like trolling and online bullying were added to the curriculum under the guise of digital citizenship as an example of another social issue teachers are charged with fixing.  The challenge is that research has shown that trolling is done by digitally literate people; these highly digital literate people use their skills to promote hate speech and misinformation to create “information disorder”. They don’t share misinformation because they believe it’s true, they share it to get attention.

Ms Johns then went on to discuss preliminary findings from their research which suggested that those who did not believe in the #ClimateEmergency provided links from less respected sources.

Dana Boyd’s article “You Think You Want Media Literacy… Do You? and Ted Talk “What Hath We Wrought” were given as suggested “further reading” as was the new book “Why We’re Polarised” by Ezra Klein.

Finally, we had a Q&A session which was recorded here.

To read another summary of this event head to LinkedIn.

March Newsletter

March 2020

Welcome to March’s newsletter! As the year is now in full swing, please keep up to date with all of the latest events happening across the country and online.

Remember to check back with this newsletter throughout the month for updates on what we’re up to on online and in your state. 

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Want to get engaged with ALIA SNGG?  ALIA Students and New Graduates Group are always on the look out for new social media coordinators to join our growing Facebook, Instagram and blog teams. As well as regional coordinators to run social and professional development events in their home states.

If volunteering on a regular basis is currently not an option for you consider writing a blog post for us. We invite (and strongly encourage!) you to submit guest posts publication here on the SNGG blog. Click here to learn more about the volunteering.


ALIA SNGG is excited to announce the formation a new book club! If you are interested, we would love you to fill out a short (1-2 minute) survey so we can create the best possible book club experience for you. We hope you will join us!


ALIA SNGG are guest editing ALIA’s INCITE magazine. The theme for this issue is ‘Create’. The call out is simple, what story do you have about how, or what, libraries create? Click here for more details. Submissions close on March 17, 2020.

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ALIA Newsletter Heading NGAC

auslibchat Twitter_Wordpress

March’s #auslibchat was held the 3rd of March 2020 at 9pm AEDT. Details of this month’s chat will be posted here later in the month.

ALIA Newsletter Heading WANew Year Social 2

ALIA SNGG WA will be hosting a brunch at 10am on the 21st of March at Zamia Cafe (Kings Park) 50 May Drive, West Perth. Come along to meet the WA team and discuss all things GLAMR over a coffee and some breakfast. Email for details.

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ALIA Students and New Graduates Group are seeking a Victorian Regional Coordinator, send your expressions of interest to today.

Check out the ALIA Events Listing page for more ALIA events near you.