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November 2019

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Library Roles (5/11/19)


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Librarians, Technicians, Officers, Volunteers, IT Specialists, Student Partners and more… Libraries are becoming increasingly complex in their structures – how well does it work? This month, let’s chat about where we fit and how we understand our workplaces.

Questions for the chat:

Q1. What’s your role in libraries currently (or what are you working towards) and what attracted you to it?

Q2. Let’s talk structure. Can you summarise yours and where you fit within it? Does it work well?

Q3. How closely do you work with people in a role different to yours? What are the benefits and/or drawbacks?

Q4. What skills do you have that you most value? Did you develop them while studying or on the job?

Q5. Thinking of your role, are there tasks/responsibilities that are changing? What does the future hold for your position?

Whether you’re a librarian, library technician, student, library officer or something else entirely, join us on Twitter at 9pm AEDT on Tuesday 5th November! If you’re new to Twitter or #AusLibChat, you might want to check out our awesome guide to participation (it’ll help you maximise your experience).

Don’t use Twitter or want to comment anonymously? Email your questions or answers to or PM @aliangac and we’ll include them on your behalf.

Take a look at the Wakelet for this chat here.

GLAMR Professional Profile – Lachlan Glanville

Lachlan Glanville

After pursuing a Masters of IT (Library and Information Science) Lachlan Glanville became the University of Melbourne’s first full-time digital archivist in 2018. His writings on the Germaine Greer archive have been published in the Journal of Archives and Manuscripts and feature in the Conversation‘s academic podcast series Essays on Air.
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