Event Wrap Up: Talk, Collaborate and Listen!

On Wednesday 30th October, ALIA SNGG NSW held a workshop called Talk, Collaborate and Listen, run by Sally Turbitt. This was a replay of her popular workshop from NLS9 in Adelaide earlier this year.

Talk Collaborate Listen-2

During the workshop, participants were encouraged to think about their personal values, and we began this process by looking at Sally’s own values list, and then brainstorming other values that could go on such a list.


Participants had time to work on their own lists and discuss their values with other participants, and the final lists (although always works in progress) will help them find the positions that are right for them.

The next key part of the workshop was collaboration.  Participants created a list of questions they had about the GLAMR industry and we collaborated together with ideas as to the answers to those questions or where the answers could be found. Sally also shared some tips she gleaned through a Twitter discussion, which anyone can benefit from, even if they weren’t able to attend the workshop.IMG_1407.JPG

Participants came away from the event feeling empowered to move forward in their GLAMR careers and build professional networks.

12 Days of GLAMR is back!

a banner which has the 12 days of GLAMR hashtag and reads "join us for the festive season"

Join ALIA Students and New Graduates group this festive season and be part of our 12 Days of GLAMR Secret Santa! For this year’s 12 Days of GLAMR  sign up before 11pm (AEST) on the 8th of December to be able to participate in our gift giving event. 

*Note 12 Days of GLAMR Secret Santa is only open to those with an Australian postal address. 

How does it work? 

Step 1 – Fill in this form by 7th December to participate http://bit.ly/SNGGSecretSanta 

Step 2 – You will receive the name, social media handles, postal address & other details of another 12 Days of GLAMR Secret Santa participant. Your details will likewise be sent to another participant. 

Step 3 – Post on your preferred social media channel (or as many as you like!) what kind of books you would like to receive from your Secret Santa. Be as specific or as general as you like! But make sure to tag #12DaysOfGLAMR and @ALIANewGrads in your posts so your Secret Santa can find you easily. 

Step 4 – Find your Secret Santa on social media and see if they have posted any clues to what they might like to read this summer!

Step 5 – Find a book (spending no more than $20) for your 12 Days of GLAMR Secret Santa.

Step 6 –  Post your gift in the mail to your Secret Santa no later than the 13th December to ensure your gift arrives in time for Christmas. Feel free to include your details if you wish to connect with your Secret Santa after 12 Days of GLAMR. Or keep it anonymous. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness either way!

Step 7 – Receive your amazing gift from your Secret Santa and keep safe until Christmas Eve.

Step 8 – On Christmas Eve open up your 12 Days of GLAMR Secret Santa gift. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

Key dates to remember

  • 8th December – Registrations close 
  • 13th December – Last day for posting your gift
  • 24th December – Open your present & immerse yourself in a new story

Contact alianewgraduatesgroup@gmail.com if you have any questions.

GLAMR Professional Profile – Jade Koekoe

Jade KoekoeJade Koekoe is a librarian and Online Presence Specialist who offers aspiring information professionals career coaching and advice on social media through her business Misskoko the Librarian. She has spoken at the ALIA New Librarian Symposium and numerous ALIA SNGG related events. Jade offers a range of services and resources at her website.

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Library Roles (5/11/19)


November 2019 #auslibchat Twitter_Wordpress

Librarians, Technicians, Officers, Volunteers, IT Specialists, Student Partners and more… Libraries are becoming increasingly complex in their structures – how well does it work? This month, let’s chat about where we fit and how we understand our workplaces.

Questions for the chat:

Q1. What’s your role in libraries currently (or what are you working towards) and what attracted you to it?

Q2. Let’s talk structure. Can you summarise yours and where you fit within it? Does it work well?

Q3. How closely do you work with people in a role different to yours? What are the benefits and/or drawbacks?

Q4. What skills do you have that you most value? Did you develop them while studying or on the job?

Q5. Thinking of your role, are there tasks/responsibilities that are changing? What does the future hold for your position?

Whether you’re a librarian, library technician, student, library officer or something else entirely, join us on Twitter at 9pm AEDT on Tuesday 5th November! If you’re new to Twitter or #AusLibChat, you might want to check out our awesome guide to participation (it’ll help you maximise your experience).

Don’t use Twitter or want to comment anonymously? Email your questions or answers to aliangac@gmail.com or PM @aliangac and we’ll include them on your behalf.

Take a look at the Wakelet for this chat here.