New year – same fabulous you! PD for 2021

For our first #auslibchat of 2021 we will be talking about your professional development plans for the year.  How do you plan to keep up with your fabulousness? 

  1. Does your workplace have a budget for PD and/or planned PD opportunities.
  2. What was the most valuable PD you have done in the past year?
  3. What skills are better learnt through formal learning, and which on the job?
  4. How do you keep on top of changes that might impact your work – for example standards and guidelines, international developments? Do you consider this PD?
  5. Is it important to you to be seen as a professional or para professional? Would maintaining your professional recognition encourage you to do PD?

Join us for #AusLibChat on 2 February at our daylight savings time.

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#AusLibChat – The stereotypical librarian in life, fiction and media

Let’s face it, librarians have their stereotypes. How do these stereotypes carry across to popular culture? In December’s #AusLibChat we will expose the stereotypical librarian, look at how they are portrayed in literature, film and TV and then try to come up with our own version of the 21st-century librarian.


  1. Who’s your favourite librarian portrayed in a film, TV or literature? Least favourite? Were there any that made you want to become a librarian?
  2. So you’ve seen Dude Perfect’s Stereotypes (if not they’re here), if they did one on Librarians, what would be in it?
  3. What do you do in your day that isn’t stereotypical?
  4. Do stereotypes hurt our profession? How or how not?
  5. How would you have a librarian portrayed in a book or film (apart from them saving the world)?

Join us for #AusLibChat on 1 December (remember it’s daylight savings times)!

We want you! ALIA NGAC call for new members

Who are we?

The New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) exists to support and represent new library and information services (LIS) professionals and students and strengthen their participation and engagement with ALIA. NGAC provides advice to the ALIA Board of Directors on topics relevant to students and new professionals and aims to provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and engagement. One of NGAC’s top priorities is the monthly #AusLibChat event, which aims to provide a space for discussion and networking around issues relevant to new generation GLAM workers.

Who are we looking for?

NGAC currently have a membership vacancy. We are looking for new members who are enthusiastic to make a contribution to the LIS profession in Australia.

NGAC members can be located anywhere in Australia and don’t need to live in a metropolitan area. Applications from potential members in rural areas across Australia are encouraged to ensure that NGAC represents a range of experiences across the country. NGAC actively supports an inclusive and diverse profession. Potential members of any cultural, racial or gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical ability are encouraged to apply.

NGAC members do not need to work in a library, however they must be (or be prepared to become) an Associate or Allied Field Member of ALIA. We are also keen to hear from potential members working (or looking to work) in sectors related to LIS (eg. Archives, Museums, Galleries, Records Management).

What are the benefits of being a member of NGAC?

NGAC membership provides exciting opportunities to:

  • Learn what an advisory committee does.
  • Actively participate in a professional development activity.
  • Grow your personal learning network.
  • Engage in leadership and collaboration to enact change.
  • Further develop teamwork skills with like-minded peers.
  • Develop skills in project management, leadership, research, social media and online community development including design, and writing for the Board, publications and the web.

Essential Criteria:

The successful candidates will:

  • Be (or be prepared to become) an Associate or Allied Field Member of ALIA
  • Have qualified in the last 7 years
  • Possess knowledge of the needs and experiences of new generation professional
  • Actively use social media, or show a willingness to learn more about using social media in a professional environment
  • Have awareness of or experience with surveys/data collection
  • Be self-motivated and committed

Desirable Criteria:

The successful candidates may also have:

  • Demonstrated ability to work in teams.
  • Excellent communication skills (such as written communication, presentation or visual design skills).
  • Demonstrated skills or the desire to develop skills in the areas of research and data analysis, marketing and/or graphic design

Position expectations:

Successful candidates must be able to commit to:

  • Meet monthly via teleconference (meetings are currently held on the second Wednesday of every month)
  • Chair meetings and take minutes on a roster.
  • Tweeting from the NGAC Twitter account on a roster.
  • Contribute to the projects, planning and events of the committee (including monthly #AusLibChat events).
  • Contribute to fulfilling actions and reporting responsibilities in a timely manner.
  • Act ethically, professionally, and positively when representing ALIA in events and communication, especially in regard to confidentiality.

How to apply to become an NGAC member:

To submit an expression of interest in becoming a member of NGAC, please email a cover letter addressing these criteria as well as a brief resume to by Thursday July 1 2021. If you use Twitter, please include your Twitter handle!

If you have any questions about being an NGAC member please email with the subject line NGAC Inquiry. For questions about ALIA membership and involvement, please contact ALIA Chief Executive Officer Sue McKerracher ( with the subject line NGAC Inquiry.

Would you rather: Self promote or swim with sharks

Self-promotion is an unavoidable part of the workforce. From education and training applications, to job applications, interviews and performance development reviews we are asked to describe our performance throughout our careers. Are you comfortable with this aspect of the workplace or would you rather secure your next opportunity by jumping in with a tank of sharks? 


  1. Do you consider yourself a good self-promoter? Is this something that comes naturally or have you worked at it? If you don’t, is this something that you are working towards?
  2. What forms of self-promotion are you comfortable using? Would you rather discuss your performance subjectively or demonstrate it with stats and figures?
  3. Are you more comfortable promoting your library/organisation or yourself personally?
  4. Have you seen others self-promote in a way that you would like to try. Is there anything holding you back from doing so?
  5. Is there such a thing as bad self promotion? Can you give examples?

Join us for #AusLibChat on 3 November at the new daylight savings times!

Physical and digital collections (6/10/20)

Miss this chat? Catch up with the Wakelet here

Though the end of print has long been predicted, many library professionals and clients maintain a dedication to physical books. COVID-19, and the associated closure of many physical libraries, has refocused our attention to digital collections and the necessity of both print and digital in ensuring equitable access to information.


  1. Physical or digital, do you have a preference? If so, why? Does it differ for different resource types?
  2. Has the composition of physical and digital material in your library’s collections changed due to COVID? How?
  3. Accessibility is vitally important to a library’s collection. What considerations should be made in regards to physical and digital resources?
  4. Do you think libraries should have both physical and digital formats for all resource types? Is there a type of resource where one format is more suitable?
  5. Budget-wise, things are likely to be getting tough for libraries. How can libraries financially sustain a model of providing both physical and digital collections?

So, join us for #AusLibChat on the 6th October. And, remember daylight savings will be introduced the weekend prior, so take note of the updated times!