GLAMR Professional Profile – Amy Walduck

Welcome to the first GLAMR Professional Profile post for 2017!  

In the coming months the ALIA SNGG blog team will showcase GLAMR professionals from all over the country and ask them questions about their careers, what drew them to GLAMR and what advice they have to offer students and new graduates.

Our first GLAMR Professional Profile features the amazing Amy Walduck.  Amy is the ALIA State Manager for Queensland, a librarian with the Government Research and Information Library based at the State Library of Queensland and a member of the NLS8 organising committee.  She is a Twitter extraordinaire, an enthusiastic adopter of technology and a familiar face to many ALIA members in Queensland.  You can follow Amy on Twitter here.


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Canberra – Resume tips for our Resume Workshop


The ACT’s first ever Resume Workshop is quickly approaching and Jade and I thought you might like a few tips to help you get started on your resume or put some extra polish on it before sending it through to us.

One of our reviewers said that when you’re applying for a job, make sure your timelines match in the key selection criteria, cover letter and resume. Someone reviewing your application may find it odd if they don’t match and decide not to accept your application based solely on this inconsistency. This would be the case if one of the selection criteria included ‘attention to detail’.

An article in the New York Times  by Rob Walker suggests that tailoring your resume to the specific job you are applying for is more likely to be successful than a generic one. Employers are looking for key skills that relate to the job so use the language of the profession in your resume.

According to Jonathon Long making your resume flow like it is a story is important. If your resume is confusing or jumps around too much then the reader will likely disregard it. This is very similar to advice Jade received at Resume Workshops and Key Selection Criteria Workshops she has attended. Long also suggests that you should strongly sell yourself in the top-third of your resume as readers are less likely to read the whole thing on first viewing. Long also goes onto say that formatting your resume into bullet-points and sections allows the reader to take in more information at a glance.

While a great resume helps you look good on paper, consider this bonus tip to give you that all-round, great first impression:

Another one of our reviewers recommended you check the recorded voice mail message on your mobile is appropriate for anyone calling in response to a job application you have submitted. You may miss out on a great opportunity if the caller cannot tell if it is actually you they have called, or worse not be able to leave a message at all. So update your voicemail message and ensure you check it regularly!

If you are keen to get advice from information management professionals on how to update your resume, send it to us at by our extended deadline Monday 20 March 2017 so we can pass it onto our reviewers who have generously donated their time to help you out (your resume will be treated with the strictest confidence).

We can’t wait to see you all at the Resume Workshop on 8 April 2017 at the National Library of Australia!


Jade Koekoe & Chris Sonneveld

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group (ACT) Coordinators
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Western Australia – Social start in WA: Event wrap-up

The WA ALIA Students and New Graduates group collaborated with RIMPA WA, the Curtin DIS Alumni and the CURTIS Club for their first event of 2017 – Start Social: Build your professional knowledge network with ALIA and RIMPA.


The event was held on Thursday 24th February at the Central Institute of Technology in Northbridge, and was attended by over 30 people from diverse backgrounds – students, recent graduates, and seasoned industry professionals from libraries, archives and records management. We invited Jess Pietsch, ALIA WA State Manager, and Lisa Read White, RIMPA WA Branch President, to speak about the role of our professional organisations and the benefits of belonging to a professional community.


Jess and Lisa spoke about the roles of ALIA and RIMPA in advocating for change, encouraging innovation in our sectors and ‘future-proofing’ our profession. The theme of ‘together, we are stronger’ echoed throughout the evening, as Jess and Lisa reminded us that the professional organisations regularly work together on initiatives, and (to use another cheesy quote) that these organisations are ‘only as good as the sum of their parts’. To ensure the continued success of our professional peak bodies, we need to be on board with supporting them through continued membership.
On the topic of membership, they also spoke about the benefits of joining ALIA and RIMPA, including professional development and training opportunities, mentoring programs, career advisory services, member publications – the list goes on! The second pertinent theme of the evening was ‘ask not what your organisation can do for you, but what you can do for your organisation’. Our peak bodies rely on our support, and there are so many ways to give back – through writing an article for INCITE or IQ Magazine, or joining a committee, or presenting at an event, or even just attending events!
The evening was a fantastic reminder of the amazing work that our peak professional bodies do, and the multitude of ways in which we can support their efforts and make our own contribution – even though something as simple as attending an event. So thanks to all of those who attended, and to our two fabulous speakers Jess and Lisa.

Canberra – Resume Workshop


When applying for that dream job, putting together a resume that will stand out from the crowd can definitely be daunting. Now is your chance to learn from library and information professionals what a successful resume looks like. Once you submit your resume for review, we can allocate you to a one-on-one session at the National Library. Spaces are limited so you better hop to it!


What: This is an ACT Students and New Graduates Group event. Entry is $5 for ALIA members / $7 non-members.

Where:  Meet on the Lower Ground Floor at the National Library of Australia. (Arrive early and meet with other students and new grads!)

When: one-on-one session with reviewers will run between 9am and 1pm Saturday, 8 April 2017.

Here’s what you do:

Submit your RSVP with your resume to the ACT Students and New Graduates Group via by our extended deadline Monday 20 March 2017 (your resume will be treated with the strictest confidence).

  1. Receive your appointment time from us.
  2. Meet with your reviewer on the 8 April at your appointed time and receive valuable feedback and advice!
  3. Apply feedback and have more confidence in your resume.

Jade Koekoe & Chris Sonneveld

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group (ACT) Coordinators

Find ALIA Students and New Graduates Group on Facebook and  Twitter.