GLAMR Professional Profile – Annette Messell

Annette Messell

Our next professional profile focusses on the other fantastic Co-Convenor of the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group – Annette Messell. Annette currently works as a Learning and Teaching Services Librarian at the University of New England. In this interview, Annette explains her roundabout journey into librarianship, the importance of creativity in the LIS profession and opportunities to connect with cultural institutions online.

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GLAMR Professional Profile – Maddy Medlycott

Maddy Medlycott

In this professional profile we continue to turn the spotlight back on ourselves with a closeup on one of the two Co-Convenors of the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group – Maddy Medlycott. Maddy works as a Legal Research and Reference Librarian at Crown Law Library in Brisbane. In this interview, Maddy discusses how her passion for transferable skills evolved into the Librarians and Dragons workshops she runs and provides some tips on staying connected with friends, family and colleagues. Continue reading

Let the online #GLAMRmatches begin!

The role of ALIA Students and New Graduates group is to help facilitate and promote connections between GLAMR students and new graduates with the existing and fabulous GLAMR community. This is where the GLAMRmatch initiative fits in perfectly.

The concept behind GLAMRmatch is simple. GLAMRmatch creates an opportunity for connection between two people, who are both at very different places within their profession. An established professional is matched with a student/new graduate (we are calling them emerging professionals) or someone wanting to change career streams.
These two individuals are matched up and asked to organise a time to meet for one hour via a video call, no strings attached, no ongoing commitments. ALIA Student and New Graduates group help facilitate the match, provide pointers and conversation starters prior to the meeting to help kick things off.
ALIA Students and New Graduates group first co-ordinated GLAMRmatch in Western Australia as a pilot program in early 2018 in collaboration with industry representatives and the Curtin Information Studies club. Since then the initiative has been conducted on three separate occasions, and in 2019 it went National. The positive feedback from previous GLAMRmatches and the need to continue providing support and guidance to GLAMR students and new graduates have prompted us to bring forward GLAMRmatch for another round.

In the past GLAMRmatch has suited established professionals and emerging professionals in relation to commitment of time and effort.
In the current climate with COVID-19, many social and professional gatherings have been cancelled. The need to connect has never been so important. We have adapted GLAMRmatch to suit the current requirement to minimise physical contact and exposure, for this reason, we will ask all participants to organise a virtual meeting with their match via a video conferencing tool such as Zoom, Teams or Skype. This will also provide an opportunity for emerging professionals to develop their communication skills.
If GLAMRmatch sounds like your cup of tea then follow these simple steps:
• Fill our a short expression of interest survey (link survey) and wait for your match to be emailed to you after the survey close date of 31 May 2020.
• Arrange a 1-hour virtual meet-up with no ongoing commitment required for either party.
To express your interest simply fill out this survey. Expressions of interest close on the 31st of May 2020.