Workplace Culture (03/03/2020)


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Image credit: From The New York Public Library. (1940). Serving refreshments at home demonstration club meeting in McIntosh County, Oklahoma. Retrieved from

Join us for #AusLibChat 2020 as we talk about workplace culture. Let’s share our pain points and dreams for the best workplace ever. Where do you think workplaces can improve and what are examples of workplace culture you’ve seen done well? Join us for an hour of professional development to learn and share.

Here’s the questions we’ll be discussing on the night:

Q1. What does workplace culture mean to you?

Q2. We all come across difficult people to work with. What are your strategies for keeping the peace (or not) and keeping productivity high?

Q3. Have you encountered an issue progressing in your workplace because of gatekeeping behaviour? How have you dealt with this issue?

Q4. Ethics, values and culture are often used interchangeably. Has you workplace defined theirs? Are they transparent/available to the public?

Q5. How do you contribute to improving workplace culture, diversity, or inclusivity?

Hope to see you at 9pm AEDT on Tuesday 3rd March to chat about this important topic.

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