Upskilling (06/09/2022)

Upskilling is an important part of career trajectory. For this month’s #AusLibChat we are going to talk about how we identify the areas in which we want to develop skills, overcome barriers and share lessons learnt. Do you consider your learning style when planning your upskilling? Do you think upskilling demonstrates active professionalism within the industry? So many questions, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.

Question 1 – What are some skills that you are currently looking to learn? How are you planning to learn these skills? 

Question 2 – Has there ever been something you have wanted to upskill and been unable to? What were the barriers?

Question 3 – Have you participated in mentoring or peer to peer learning to develop your skills? How was this experience for you?

Question 4 – Could you see a framework of skills, knowledge and professional behaviour such as the ALIA Professional Pathway’s draft frameworks being useful in the planning of your upskilling? 

Question 5 – How do you maintain upskilling with workload and work/life balance.

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