Union Activism (06/04/21)

In Aprils #AusLibChat we are discussing Librarians, GLAMR and Unions. Do you want to know more about Unions? Or are you already part of a Union and can inform us on why and how?

(If you would like to do some reading in preparation you can read INCITE’s article from the November/December 2020 issue on The State of the Union here.)


1. Are you in a union? Why or why not?

2. What is the role of unions in the GLAMR sector? What is the role of GLAMR workers in union activism?

3. How can we improve our visibility and understanding of our profession? How could ALIA’s Professional Pathways play a role?

4. Can you share any current rights, privileges, or gains in your workplace that have been won by union activism or advocacy?

5. Do you have any questions or advice on selecting a union to join? 

Join us for our Union Activism discussion on Tuesday April 6 2021, 9pm AEST (and remember daylight savings ends the weekend prior, so take note of the updated times!)