Thinking Global (3/5/2022)

Want to catch up on the conversation from the Tuesday 3 May #AusLibChat? Check out the Wakelet.

This month’s Auslibchat invites you to think on an international scale! We want to hear your thoughts on the big picture of librarianship. Let’s talk Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), programs, collections, and how what we do at our local levels impacts global change.


  1. What do you associate with “thinking global” or international librarianship? Is it relevant to our day-to-day practice?
  2. Some libraries are aligning their programs to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Is it helpful to have a broad framework for programs, or might this be at the expense of considering local context?
  3. We often discuss libraries in relation to SDG 4: Equity, Inclusion and Lifelong Learning. But are there other ways libraries can contribute, such as to economic growth, well-being, infrastructure or agriculture?
  4. Do you follow any international resources or blogs to find ideas? How much do ideas need to be adapted for local contexts?
  5. Have you ever spent time working or completing a placement overseas, or wish you could? Maybe you bypassed the need to travel by volunteering digitally? Tell us about your aspirations or experience!

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