Social Justice in the Library (6/12/16)

This #auslibchat focussed on social justice in the Australian context – how we define it, the role of the library, options for collaboration and obstacles libraries face in contributing to social justice.


Here were the questions:

Q1. How do you define social justice in Australia?

Q2. Do SJ campaigning, charity and politics have a place in the library? If so, what obstacles do you come across? If not, why?

Q3. Are Australian library spaces & services open, fair and accepting enough in your experience? What SJ issues do you want to see tackled?

Q4. What options for collaboration are there when thinking about social justice in the library?

Q5. In 2017, how can you address a SJ issue in your library?

Bonus question: Show us your Christmas decorations!

#auslibchat returns on Tuesday 7th February 2017 for a discussion on End-User Design.