Decoding selection criteria (04/10/2022)

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When applying for jobs, there is often a requirement to respond to key selection criteria to describe your fittingness for the role – when applying for your first library role, this can be quite a daunting process! For this month’s AusLibChat, let’s take a look at some criteria for entry-level library roles and discuss how we’d respond. Library students and new graduates – how would you tackle our example selection criteria? Experienced librarians – think back to how you would have answered these prompts when you were first starting out.

Question 1 – “A high level of digital literacy”. How would you demonstrate this requirement?

Question 2 – “Awareness of emerging trends and issues in librarianship”. What trend/s would you discuss?

Question 3 – “Willingness to participate in delivering programs to a broad range of audiences”. How would you describe your willingness for this responsibility?

Question 4 – “Experience in and knowledge of cataloguing”. How would you address this if you hadn’t previously worked as a cataloguer?

Question 5 – “Highly developed oral & written communication skills”. How would you relate this criterion to working in a library?

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