Pedagogy and learning experience (5/12/17)


Image credit: H881, Record Series: Negatives of Photographs [Publications Branch] (VPRS 14517 P1 Unit 26) via Public Record Office Victoria

This #auslibchat will focus on learning experiences and pedagogy and will discuss trends and issues related to learning experience, applying pedagogy, whether LIS education is informing and preparing new information professionals for current and future challenges, and what we seek in our own learning experiences in professional development and as life-long learners ourselves.

Here are our questions!

Q1. What role does the library have in formal and informal learning experiences throughout a person’s life?

Q2. How have you/your library/ organisation successfully applied different pedagogies in response to learning needs?

Q3. As an information professional, what types of PD learning experiences do you seek?

Q4. Where is LIS education successful, and where is it lacking with regards to optimising learning experiences for our clients and communities? Is the teaching relevant?

Q5. What changes would you like to see in your sector related to learning experiences?

As always, we’ll have a wonderful moderator tweeting from @aliangac, and to help others follow along with and join in the conversation, please use the hashtag #auslibchat and A1, A2, A3, etc for your answers.