PD Part 1: New opportunities and mentors (6/9/16)

In September, we held the first of a series of chats on professional development, focusing on new opportunities and mentors.


Here were the questions:

Q1: Do you have a ‘go to’ person for career advice? How did you find them?

Q2: How has having a mentor or ‘go to’ person benefited your professional dev?

Q3: What leads you to new opportunities? Have you taken up any new opportunities that were unexpected this year?

Q4: Do you have a personal PD planning and review process? Why? Why not?

Activity to close: Find a new contact via #auslibchat and exchange your PD tips and/or next step you will take for your PD.

We look forward to chatting with you next time on Tuesday 4th October for Professional Development Part 2: Expanding Horizons.