Open Chat About Mental Health (7/9/2021)

For this month’s #AusLibChat we’re having an open conversation about mental health. How is mental health being supported in libraries, in your workplace, and amongst your families and friends? Let’s talk about it. With R U OK day coming up on September 9, take some time to check in with your loved ones, reflect on your own wellbeing, and join our chat about mental health.

Join us on Tuesday 7 September at 9pm AEST.


  1. What role do libraries play in supporting the community’s mental health?
  2. Is your workplace effective in supporting employee mental health? What do they do well or how could they improve?
  3. Have you checked in with your friends and family lately? How do you offer emotional support to your loved ones?
  4. What experiences or education inform your thoughts about mental health?
  5. How do you monitor your mental health and what strategies do you use to maintain your mental wellbeing?
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