Digital Expertise and Inclusion (07/05/19)

Join us for the second #auslibchat in support of ALIA’s Truth Integrity Knowledge (TIK) campaign. This month’s topic, as decided by your votes: digital expertise and inclusion (TIK #4).

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Image credit: Visitors to the Mathematics section…, 1998, University of Newcastle Collection via Living Histories @ UON

Library and information professionals know how to use the best aspects of technology to find authoritative information, and how to avoid the pitfalls. We can explain to library users how algorithms, cookies and other devices influence search results and help advertisers target potential buyers. In an increasingly online world, people can be left behind if they can’t afford new technologies, don’t have the connectivity, or lack the skills. Library staff are at the frontline of initiatives to enable all Australians to become digitally included and to participate in the activities online – not least, engaging with egovernment.

Here are the questions:

Q1. How does your library support digital literacy? If you don’t feel it is, what could your library be doing?

Q2. #fakenews is a big problem for our society. What role can libraries play to tackle this issue?

Q3. Cookies, algorithms and online searching – what do you feel the public needs to know? Do you feel equipped to answer any questions?

Q4. How does your library attempt to help users bridge the #digitaldivide? Should the focus be providing technology? Lobbying to ensure infrastructure like eGovernment is inclusive? Something else entirely?

Q5. What’s the number one message you would give to anyone getting started in the online space?

Join us on Twitter at 9pm AEDT on Tuesday, 7 May, 2019! If you’re new to Twitter, and/or #auslibchat, be sure to check out this awesome guide to maximise your experience!