Metadata Trends (3/5/16)

Our fourth #auslibchat explored metadata trends in libraries and the wider GLAMR sector.


Our discussion looked at the following questions regarding metadata:

Q1 What metadata trends are you currently aware of? Is there anything you’re particularly excited to see?

Q2 What do you think about developments in metadata? Unnecessary & pedantic or essential component of accessibility & service?

Q3 How do you use metadata in your work? Do you have any privacy concerns? Does copyright apply?

Q4 Bib-frame and linked data are emerging trends, are you aware of them? Can you see a use for them in your work?

Q5 Where do you think metadata will go in the future? What do you want to see?

We hope to see you all, and some new faces, next time on Tuesday 7th June when we’ll be discussing Inter- and Intra-Organisation Collaboration.