LGBTQIA+ Services (3/10/2017)

October’s #auslibchat looked at services for LGBTQIA+ folk in GLAMR spaces. We chatted about collections, community and marriage equality.

Here were the questions:

Q1. Do you think GLAMR orgs are inclusive spaces for LGBTQIA+ people? Why/why not? 

Q2. How can GLAMR orgs better support LGBTQIA+ library workers and patrons? 

Q3. Does your GLAMR org actively collect LGBTQIA+ material? How do you promote this collection? How is it used?

Q4. Have you/your GLAMR org collaborated with any LGBTQIA+ community groups? What was the outcome?

Q5. Should GLAMR peak bodies get involved in the marriage equality debate? Why/why not? 

Related resources:

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