KINQ – Knowledge Industries Need Queering (07/04/20)



Have you heard of KINQ – Knowledge Industries Need Queering? The KINQ Manifesto was launched in an effort to bring to light heteronormativity inherent in our cultural institutions and to encourage people working in these institutions to challenge the status quo and open up their spaces to experimentation queer curation.

This month we will be joined by a special guest Craig Middleton (@_MuseumGuy)

Craig is a Curator at the National Museum of Australia and a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. Much of his work to date has focussed on LGBTIQ+ inclusion and challenging traditional ways of doing, being, and seeing in museums. His book, Queering the Museum (co-authored with Dr Nikki Sullivan) was published by Routledge in late 2019.

Here are the questions we’ll be asking on the night:

Q1. Do you believe is it important to include diverse perspectives in the narratives of our cultural institutions? Why?

Q2. Can you give an example of how your cultural institution (or one you have recently visited) promotes queer (or LGBTIQ+) inclusion? This could be a statement, an exhibition, a program, an initiative…

Q3. Language is important – Have you or your cultural institution/place of work taken any steps to improve use of inclusive language and facilities? Or can you think of how we might do this? What are the challenges?

Q4. ‘Queering’ is about challenging the ‘norm’ (the usual way things are done) towards a more inclusive way of working/doing/being. Can you think of any examples of queering happening in your workplace?

Q5. Let’s talk about allyship – how can GLAM institutions be good allies?

Hope to see you at 9pm AEDT on Tuesday 7 April!


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