Keeping Current (6/7/2021)

This month’s #AusLibChat is all about knowledge sharing! What skills and recommendations do you have for being relevant and keeping current with librarianship and in the GLAMR sector? We’re discussing tools that have helped you or courses, groups or sessions that you have attended or are part of. Lifelong learning is basically our middle name – what recommendations and tips does everyone have? Let’s answer the question, how can we keep current in our GLAMR roles?


  1. What new or interesting tool or skill have you used recently? How did you learn it?
  2. What skills do you think we need for the future? How are you going to gain these expertise?
  3. What do you see are the main challenges to keeping current and relevant in your job? If there are challenges, what help or support would you like?
  4. How valuable is formal education as opposed to on the job learning? What do you think you have learnt more from?
  5. OK it’s time for all those recommendations – we want to know about any twitter #’s worth following, MOOCs, groups to be part of, blogs to follow, courses you would recommend! Anything that keeps you current in your role.