Inter- and Intra-Organisation Collaboration (7/6/16)

Our fifth #auslibchat identified opportunities to pool resources, skills, experience and passion to create amazing, improved and needed services for our communities.

Missed the chat? Catch up with the Storify here.


Our discussion looked at the following questions:

Q1. Do you have any examples of well facilitated collaboration between organisations, or within a single organisation?

Q2. What were the success factors of the collaboration? What made it work & what were the benefits?

Q3. What set-up do you need to have ready before you start a collaborative project?

Q4. What should you look for in a collaborative partner, & how do you identify them?

Q5. Do you have a dream collaboration project that benefits your clients/staff/service that you would like to see happen?

Join us next time on Tuesday 5th July when we’ll be discussing Customer service.