Indigenous Matters (03/12/19)

For #AusLibChat this December we will be discussing Indigenous matters and how librarians seek to engage with culture. For many this may be uncomfortable, how can non-Indigenous people talk about another culture and how can this be done sensitively? For others there may be a great deal of curiosity, seeing how other librarians learn about and approach the subject in a meaningful way. For Indigenous people this is also a great opportunity to welcome people of all backgrounds to reflect upon Indigenous society, and the crucial role it plays in everyone’s lives.

Be brave, be open minded, and come together as we have a chat about the oldest continuous culture in the world and how we can all embrace it in our libraries

Chat questions:

Q1. Does your workplace actively embrace Indigenous culture? If so, how?

Q2. How does your workplace liaise with local Indigenous communities? E.g. do you have a Reconciliation Action Plan?

Q3. Libraries as we know them are fundamentally Western constructs. What can librarians do to better respect Indigenous knowledge?

Q4. How well did your studies address engaging with and representing Indigenous culture and knowledge in a GLAMR context?

Q5. What are you doing to engage with and learn more about Indigenous matters?

If you missed out on this chat, check out this Wakelet recapping the comments.