Housebound (05/05/20)


We’re living through a challenging time with COVID-19 upending every area of our lives in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible just weeks ago. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been thinking and talking about this endlessly so let’s get together and share our experiences – our fears, surprises, challenges, and triumphs.

Q1. Can you give an example of how a GLAM institution you are familiar with has changed their services to cope with recent events?

Q2. If you’re working or studying from home, what’s been the biggest surprise of the transition? What do you like about your new office? What did you miss from the old one?

Q3. How are you protecting your mental health during this time?

Q4. What has been your best tool for communication in isolation?

Q5. Looking forward, would you like to go back to the way things were? If not, what do you hope changes?

Hope to see you at 9pm AEST on Tuesday 5 May!

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