Health Libraries (6/11/2018)

Novembers’s #auslibchat discussed all things health librarianship.

From systematic reviews, clinician support, to cataloguing anatomical models, & health literacy at your local library, we’ll be discussing all aspects of Health(y) Libraries!

This chat brought to you by @aliangac and @HealthLibsAust.

The questions are:

Q1: How do you search for health information? Have you assisted clients to find reliable resources for health topics?

Q2: What makes health librarianship different from other information management fields?

Q3: What are the ethical implications of health librarianship? How do you assist clients concerned about privacy as health information becomes digital?

Q4: Can health librarians save lives?

Q5: Does your organisation promote health literacy amongst your users? If so, how?

Huge thanks to the  Health Libraries Australia ALIA group for collaborating on this special topic.

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Image Credit: Fowler, Lyle (1945). Royal Melbourne Hospital - interior views. Via The State Library of Victoria.