End-User Design (7/2/17)

For our first #auslibchat for 2017, we discussed ‘end-user design’. Our scope for the chat went beyond software, catalogue searching, discovery etc to cover the application of end-user design approaches and practices to library and information service and interaction, space and programs.

auslibchat_feb2017_twitterImage credit: Civic library, Newcastle, 18/9/1957, Hood collection via State Library of NSW Flickr.

Here were the questions:

Q1. Does your library (or info service) hv examples of successful end-user design outcomes?

Or hv you been involved in an outstanding end-user design process?

Q2. What frameworks, principles, models or processes underpin your library’s approach to end-user design? Or what frameworks, principles, etc would you use if given the opportunity?

Q3. How has the library involved end-users in designing or improving services? Did this produce a successful result?

Q4. Do you (or your library or info service) have a feedback mechanism in place that informs ongoing service improvement?

Q5. What challenges or obstacles does ur library exp(erience) in taking an end-user design approach? What’s needed to overcome them?

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Need something to start off your thinking about end-user design? Check out this article on Public Libraries Online.