Digital Dexterity (3/8/2021)

Digital dexterity has become critical in a fast paced, technologically driven society. Librarians have been urged to go beyond digital literacy and to become digitally dexterous. The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) has described digital dexterity as a “fundamental aspect of the mission of university libraries, now and for the foreseeable future”. In this month’s #AusLibChat, we have CAUL’s Digital Dexterity Community of Practice joining us to delve into this critical topic. What does digital dexterity mean to you and how is it supported in your workplace? 

Find out more about the Digital Dexterity Community of Practice on their blog and CAUL’s site for CoP.

Join us and the Digital Dexterity Community of Practice for our next chat on Tuesday 3 August at 9pm AEST. 


  1. What does digital dexterity mean to you? And, why is digital dexterity important?
  2. What is the role of information professionals in teaching our clients to be more digitally dexterous?
  3. What is your institution/workplace doing to help both library staff and library clients develop digital dexterity?
  4. How are professional development programs/offerings at your institution/workplace keeping up with digital dexterity demand? What would you like from your institution/workplace that would help you to stay engaged with developing digital dexterity?
  5. Which digital dexterity skill/s do you wish you had/want to strive towards?

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