Indigenous Services (5/9/17)

September’s #auslibchat was about libraries and information services for Indigenous peoples (or for the purposes of twitter’s character limit, Indigenous services).

We were thrilled to have guest moderator, Nathan Sentance, moderating on behalf of @aliangac . Nathan is a Wiradjuri man who has a library degree, works in a museum, and is currently secretary of the Australian Society of Archivists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Special Interest Group (ATSI-SIG). Nathan blogs at Archival Decolonist.

Image credit: Lake Tyers Special School, Record Series: Miscellaneous Photographs, Negatives and Slides and Ephemera [Education History Unit] (VPRS 14562 P4 Unit 6 Item 15) via Public Record Office Victoria

The questions were:

Q1.  What are your experiences of  working in or using libraries and information services for Indigenous peoples? 

Q2.  How does your organisation recognise the traditional owners?

Q3.  What tools/resources do you use to make collections more accessible? Does your org promote ATSILIRN or use AIATSIS Pathways?

Q4.  Researching family history can be an important part of services. Does your org have specific support for Indigenous communities?

Q5.  What is your organisation doing to address the inequalities ATSI peoples face? What role can GLAMR play going forward?