ALIA Book Club: Dark Emu

Book club promo slide[8842]

Join us for a special book club chat as we discuss Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe on April 21 at 9pm AEST.

ALIA NGAC will be moderating the chat on Twitter, use the hashtag #ALIABookClub to join in!

We’ll be asking these questions, but you might like to bring your own to the chat too:

Q1. What were your reasons for reading this book? If you haven’t read it yet, has anything stopped you from it?

Q2. Dark Emu is a non-fiction book. Do you often read non-fiction? Did this impact your decision to read it?

Q3. What did you learn from the book that you didn’t know before?

Q4. Describe what your experience was while reading the book. Did any part of the book give you a strong emotional reaction?

Q5. Who would you recommend read this book and why?