ALIA Board election: Meet your candidates (7/3/17)

In our role of representing and advocating for new graduates in the past we have invited candidates for the ALIA Board election to respond to a set number of questions about issues and concerns relevant to our community. This year, the committee decided to do something a bit different and invited the ALIA Board candidates to #auslibchat!


For each question, we opened the floor for the candidates to respond first, and then participants jumped in and kept the conversation going.

Here were the questions we asked the Board:

Q1. What was your first GLAMR job?

Q2. How were you supported in your early career by ALIA or other professional organisations? What would you change/do differently?

Q3. What would you do to champion new gen professionals & new grads in an environment that is increasingly difficult to find a job?

Q4. What role does ALIA have to play in the critical l’ship movement? How does this relate to future strategy and action?

Q5. How can the profession continue to grow & develop? What role do you see for new gen professionals right now?

Twitter handles of the 2017 candidates:

Alicia Cohen – @Alicia_Cohen

Jonathon Guppy – @JonnyGup

Clare O’Dwyer – @MrsChurchill1

Anne Reddacliff – @AMoodiLibrarian

A huge thanks to all the candidates for joining us for this #auslibchat !

You can find further information about this year’s candidates on the ALIA website. Voting begins on Monday 6 March and closes Friday 7 April 2017.