ALIA Board election: Meet the candidates (3/4/18)

The time has come for April’s #auslibchat and a chance for you to meet the 2018 ALIA Board candidates! Catch up via Wakelet. 

Here are the questions we’ll be asking the candidates:

Q1. What was your first GLAMR job?

Q2. Why would a student or new graduate join ALIA? What do you see as the benefits for this group?

Q3. What do you consider the biggest issue facing students and new graduates in the next 2 years? What skills and knowledge do you think will set up GLAMR professionals for the future?

Q4. How can ALIA stand up for marginalised & overlooked groups within LIS, such as: Indigenous people, people from rural areas, LGBTQIA+ folx, the unemployed, etc.?

Q5. What role does ALIA have to play in the critical librarianship movement? How does this relate to future strategy and action?

For each question, we’ll open up the floor to the six participating candidates first. We ask that you hold off from tweeting until the candidates have had a chance to respond. Once they have, we’ll open up the floor to your ideas, comments and questions.

For anyone who has participated in #auslibchat in the past, you know it can get a little crazy! For this reason, the candidates may not be able to respond to your comments, questions or suggestions during the chat.

As always, see our awesome guide for tips on getting the most out of #auslibchat. You can read a bit more about all of the 2018 ALIA Board Election Candidates on the ALIA website. And remember to vote before voting closes on Friday 13th April at 5pm AEST.

Twitter handles for the 2018 candidates:

Chris Buckingham – @CasCarLibraries

Helen Ebsworth – @HelenEbsworth

Peter Green – @lgreenpd

Patrick Gregory – @pjgregory

Paula Kelly Paull – @pjsk65

Monika Szunejko – @MonikaSzunejko*

Rob Thomson – @RobThomson2528

*Monika is unable to participate in April’s #auslibchat.


Image Credit: Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library. (1935 - 1945).Contests - Golden Key - Winners shaking hands Retrieved from