Accessibility for a Diverse Community (1/11/16)

We had another fantastic #auslibchat in November. We discussed a variety of accessibility issues ranging from physical barriers, to library culture, and contexts from library websites, to picture book collections. Participants very generously shared their experiences, ideas, and resources.

auslibchat_nov2016The questions were:

Q1. How do you define “accessibility”? What does “accessibility” mean in the context of your library?

Q2. Have you struggled with accessibility when using a library? What was that like?

Q3. What are some common mistakes or misconceptions institutions make about accessibility?

Q4. Can you describe some examples where the issue of accessibility has been addressed particularly well by an institution?

Q5. Do you have any advice for librarians who would like to make their collections & services more accessible? Are there any resources you’d like to share?

Some of the resources shared by our tweeters included:

See you Tuesday 6th December 2016 for our next discussion: Social Justice in the Library.