Get engaged with SNGG!

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group is looking for people to get engaged with our group.

  • Are you enthusiastic and passionate about our profession?
  • Are you looking for a way to contribute to the GLAMR community?
  • Do you want to meet new people and strengthen your professional network?

Then this is the opportunity for you! If you are currently a student undertaking a course in any of the GLAM sectors, or you are a GLAM graduate, then you may identify as being an early career library and information professional. And if that is the case then this is a great way for you broaden your networks, get some hands on experience and be part of a nationally recognised ALIA group. Plus, being a part of this passionate and supportive professional community rocks!

So how can you get involved? There are a couple of ways you can get engaged with SNGG, including –

1. Volunteer as a Regional Coordinator.

2. Volunteer as a Social Media Coordinator.

3. Write a guest blog for us.

4. Any other way you can think of! Have a innovative and fun way to get engaged with us? We want to hear it! Send us an email to

Why should you get engaged?

Contributing to a group or a blog is a great way to develop and hone your professional identity. When your peers (and potential employers) get to know you – what you stand for, your interests and your expertise, you are more likely to better connect with others at networking events and engage in meaningful conversation. People will remember you. Being actively involved and engaged in the profession demonstrates your commitment and desire to learn.

Plus, if you chose to volunteer with SNNG, as a group member you will:

  • become part of a national group that is passionate about assisting new information professionals in their careers;
  • organise and facilitate a wide range of social and professional events;
  • establish and expand your professional network by liaising with the professional community.

Plus, you can add the role to your resume/ CV and demonstrate your active engagement in the profession! To find out more about these amazing benefits, check out this post.

Volunteer as a Regional Coordinator

The ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinators work in small teams in each of the states and territories and organise and run social and professional development events. To find out more about the role, read the position description.

Many of our States and Territories are looking for new team members. If you are interested in joining an active and forward thinking group send us an email to with a little bit about yourself, why you would like to volunteer and where you are based.

Please note: This is a volunteer role, and you need to be an ALIA member to be a Regional Coordinator. 

Volunteer as a Social Media Coordinator

The ALIA SNGG Social Media Team plays a crucial role in reaching out and communicating with our network of students and new graduates. The team supports, advocates and administrates ALIA SNGG activity through our social media channels and reports this activity to the ALIA SNGG Committee and the wider member base. You can find more information about the role in the position description. Currently we are active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course our Blog!

A few of our social media channels are looking for new team members. If you are keen to be apart of a fun team and build up your social media skills send us an email to with a little bit about yourself, why you would like to volunteer and what channel/s you are interested in.

Please note: This is a volunteer role, and you need to be an ALIA member to be a Social Media Coordinator. 

Write a guest blog

The SNGG blog is a space for community, connection and conversation between early career library and information professionals, and a professional development opportunity to help build confidence in engaging in professional discourse in an online environment.

We hope to create a ‘safe space’ where students and new graduates can participate in a community and engage in professional conversation with other library and information professionals at a similar stage of their career.

We invite (and strongly encourage!) you to submit guest posts for publication here on the SNGG blog. The kinds of content we’re looking for is what might inform or entertain, as well as stimulate discussion. These could include –

  • Conference/ event reports and reflections
  • Fieldwork experiences and tips
  • Benefits of being a member of ALIA/ being on Twitter/ volunteering for ALIA
  • How to connect with others and build relationships in the profession
  • Learning through your course – cool stuff, surprises, skills you’ve picked up
  • Planning and tracking your professional development activities
  • The future of the profession
  • Issues and trends you feel passionate about
  • Career pathways and discoveries
  • Mentoring experiences
  • Projects you’ve worked on or contributed to

If you are keen to write a blog post for us send us your idea to

So what are you waiting for? Get engaged with ALIA Students and New Graduates Group for a rewarding, skills and confident building, and fun experience! We hope to get your email soon 🙂