GLAMR Professional Profile – Ashleigh Paul


Ashleigh Paul (1)

GLAMR professional profiles are back! We are looking at some of the people behind the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group who make up our fantastic network of volunteers – beginning with Ashleigh Paul. Ashleigh is a social media coordinator for ALIA SNGG and it part of our Twitter team. Ashleigh currently works as a library officer for the City of West Torrens and as a library assistant at St Mary’s College. In this interview, Ashleigh discusses what attracted her to ALIA SNGG and provides some tips  for working online.

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GLAMR Professional Profile – Amber Freeman


After achieving outstanding results in the LIS Masters that she completed while pregnant and toddler-wrangling, a newly-qualified Amber Freeman set about carving out a living in remote South Australia. Three days a week she commuted to her library assistant job at Port Lincoln Library, a 170km round trip from her remote farmhouse set in a sun-drenched canola field.

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