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📌 New book for National Simultaneous Storytime 2023.

National Simultaneous Storytime 2023 book The Speedy Sloth. Written by Rebecca Young and Illustrated by Heath Mckenzie.

This month ALIA announced that The Speedy Sloth, written by Rebecca Young and Illustrated by Heath Mckenzie, would be the chosen book for National Simultaneous Storytime on the 24th of May 2023. 📅

📌Save the date for New Libraries Symposium 2023 update!

Save the date for NLSX 2023

Registration is open to join the New Librarians Symposium 2023 Event.

The ALIA NLSX theme is eXchange, eXplore, eXpand.

When: Saturday, 29th of July 2023.

Where: Online

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00pm (AEST)

Cost: TBA

Visit the ALIA Event Listing page for more information on NLSX2023

ALIA NGAC August 2022 Updates

📌 ALIA NGAC Call Out!

The ALIA New Generations Advisory Group are searching for new NGAC members to join their team!

Why join #NGAC as a member?

NGAC membership provides exciting opportunities to:

  • Learn what an advisory committee does.
  • Actively participate in professional development activities.
  • Grow your professional learning network.
  • Engage in leadership and collaboration to enact change.
  • Develop teamwork skills with like-minded peers.
  • Develop project management, leadership, research, social media and online community development skills.
  • Develop graphic design and writing skills for the ALIA Board, publications and the web

Are you interested in applying?

📌 Email NGAC at by the 12th of September and attach a copy of your resume with a cover letter highlighting the selection criteria.  For more information, view the NGAC post on WordPress.

📌#AusLibChat LGBTQIA+ Inclusion – August 2022

ALIA NGAC and ALIA RAINBOW August AusLibChat on LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

This August, ALIA NGAC collaborated with ALIA Rainbow for #AusLibChat on LGBTQIA+ Inclusion.

📌Visit ALIA NGAC on Wakelet to catch up on the Twitter chat.

📌Get Engaged with ALIA Students and New Graduates Group.

ALIA Members ALIA SNGG is searching for new members to join the ALIA SNGG team as Social Media Coordinators. 

ALIA SNGG Social media channels looking for new team members on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • ALIA SNGG WordPress Blog

📌 If you are keen to be a part of a fun team and build up your social media skills, send us an email to: with a summary about yourself, why you would like to volunteer and what channel you are interested in joining.


📌The ALIASNGG Book Club is back for 2022! 📚

Last month the ALIA SNGG Book Club started reading Persuasion by Jane Austen.

📚 Join the ALIA SNGG Book Club on Facebook to find a place to network with studying, new & existing Biblarians*.

*Biblarian = Librarians who love to read books!

#ALIASNGGBookClub #Facebook #ALIAStudentsandNewGraduatesGroup #ALIASNGG

📌 It’s ALIA QLD Trivia Night Time!

Tonight ALIA QLD has their Annual Trivia Night Event at the Queensland Cricketers’ Club. The Trivia Night theme is We are Family.



Catch up with ALIA South Coast on A Date with Dublin.

Meet Margie Kirkness, Manager of Shellharbour City Library and Museum, for a talk and presentation on her time at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress Dublin 2022.

When: Thursday, 25th of August 2022

Where: The Lab at Wollongong Library,

Level 1, 41 Burelli Street, Wollongong

Cost: FREE event.

Event Registration closes in 6 days! 

Are you a part of the ALIA Continuing Professional Development (CDP) Scheme? Make sure to add a reflection on joining the event; this counts as 1.50 CDP Hours.

#ALIASouthCoast #NSW

Explore the ALIA Events Listing page to discover more events near you!


Event Wrap Up: Digital Literacy Reconsidered

On Tuesday, 4th February, at UTS in Sydney, a Meetup was held by UTS Engage to reconsider the concept of digital literacy.  There were two speakers – Heidi Julien, Professor of Information Science at the University at Buffalo; and Amelia Johns, Senior Lecturer in Digital and Social Media at UTS Sydney.

Heidi Julien reflected on the huge importance placed on digital literacy, that it doesn’t really warrant.  UNESCO have stated that information and digital literacy “contributes to sustainable world peace”. The burden of world peace is one that is now placed on the shoulders of educators and librarians! This burden is often reinforced by librarians who make lofty claims about the importance of digital literacy and see themselves as the gatekeepers of digital literacy, while frequently not having experience or expertise in teaching.

Information seeking processes are situational, social and embodied as part of a dynamic process.  People believe what they have been brought up to believe, not always remembering where they got their information, and so their internal biases are difficult to overcome.  Social conformity also impacts our search processes and so while information/digital literacy is important, it’s insufficient on its own as a basis for widespread change.

Digital literacy is increasingly important for most careers, and so is an important part of our lives but it’s not a magic bullet that will fix social and economic inequity.  Ultimately Ms Julien had a lot of challenges and questions for us but not a lot of answers.

Amelia Johns spoke second, presenting research findings on misinformation and hate speech on social media, looking specifically into social media output surrounding the recent bushfires.

Digital literacy was added to the primary and high school curriculum to equip students with tech skills, but then social issues like trolling and online bullying were added to the curriculum under the guise of digital citizenship as an example of another social issue teachers are charged with fixing.  The challenge is that research has shown that trolling is done by digitally literate people; these highly digital literate people use their skills to promote hate speech and misinformation to create “information disorder”. They don’t share misinformation because they believe it’s true, they share it to get attention.

Ms Johns then went on to discuss preliminary findings from their research which suggested that those who did not believe in the #ClimateEmergency provided links from less respected sources.

Dana Boyd’s article “You Think You Want Media Literacy… Do You? and Ted Talk “What Hath We Wrought” were given as suggested “further reading” as was the new book “Why We’re Polarised” by Ezra Klein.

Finally, we had a Q&A session which was recorded here.

To read another summary of this event head to LinkedIn.

Event Wrap Up: Talk, Collaborate and Listen!

On Wednesday 30th October, ALIA SNGG NSW held a workshop called Talk, Collaborate and Listen, run by Sally Turbitt. This was a replay of her popular workshop from NLS9 in Adelaide earlier this year.

Talk Collaborate Listen-2

During the workshop, participants were encouraged to think about their personal values, and we began this process by looking at Sally’s own values list, and then brainstorming other values that could go on such a list.


Participants had time to work on their own lists and discuss their values with other participants, and the final lists (although always works in progress) will help them find the positions that are right for them.

The next key part of the workshop was collaboration.  Participants created a list of questions they had about the GLAMR industry and we collaborated together with ideas as to the answers to those questions or where the answers could be found. Sally also shared some tips she gleaned through a Twitter discussion, which anyone can benefit from, even if they weren’t able to attend the workshop.IMG_1407.JPG

Participants came away from the event feeling empowered to move forward in their GLAMR careers and build professional networks.