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Are you a student, graduate or professional interested in learning skills to progress in your current job?

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Webinar List:

-Webinar 1: Job roles and job descriptions: demystifying the complex world of library work

Date: May 16th

-Webinar 2: Identifying opportunity

Date: July 4th

-Webinar 3: The written application

Date: September 5th

-Webinar 4: The Interview

Date:November 8th


ALIA Members:

Single Webinar: ALIA Members: FREE, Non-Member: $30

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Becoming a Library and Information Professional

Today we explore ALIA’s Careers page to help answer some of your library questions.

On our LIS journey as students or graduates, we will ask these questions: 

  • How do you become a library and information professional?
  • Where do information professionals work?
  • What types of information professionals are there?
  • What tasks do information professionals perform?

One place to explore as a student or graduate is the Careers area of the ALIA website. That provides a Becoming a Library and Information Professional page in the Careers area of the ALIA website. 

Where do information professionals work?

Librarians and Information Professions are in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Records Management (GLAMR) organisations.

A small sample of these libraries include:

  • Public, School, State, and National 
  • Academic University and TAFE 
  • Parliament, the United Nations, Health, Law, Film and Music libraries.
  • Special Interest libraries in National and State Galleries and Museums.

In Melbourne, the MCG Library is an example of a Special Interest library with a collection on AFL, Cricket and the Olympic Games. 

What type of library professionals are there?

ALIA Careers page separates library professionals into four categories; Librarians and Information Specialists, Library Technicians, Teacher Librarians and Library Assistants.

Librarians and Information professionals:

Assisting people and organisations with technical skills to manage and retrieve information (ALIA, 2023).

Tasks can include:

Librarians & Information Specialists:

  • Managing a library branch
  •  Supervising or leading staff and volunteers
  •  Supporting project and technology systems and applications 
  •  Developing strategic plans
  •  Designing programs, services and projects for the community 
  •  Directing and applying customer services to meet the information needs of clients
  •  Marketing and promoting a library or information management service in person or online
  •  Providing expert advice on a technology, programs or reference support
  •  Providing a consultancy service to research a project or job help or readers advisory service

Teacher Librarians have four roles:

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Management
  • Leadership & Collaboration
  • Community Engagement

Library Technicians

Library Technician tasks can include:

  • Maintaining library resources, records and systems by cataloguing and classification of items
  •  Assisting with loan requests and references queries
  •  Search for information via web-based and library database searches
  •  Processing inter-library loans
  •  Developing and promoting library programs
  •  Working with library management platforms and digital technology

Library Assistants

  • Work in teams
  •  Provide library maintenance duties re-shelving returned items
  •  Provide customer service by responding to enquirers
  •  Assist clients with learning to use library and information services
  •  Data entry and administration duties


Australian Library and Information Association Ltd (2023) Becoming a Library and Information Professional

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ALIA SNGG 2023 LIS WednesdayWanders Twitter Poll recap!

In December 2022, ALIASNGG Twitter created a #WednesdayWanders Twitter poll on libraries and information services. 

Part 1: Asked the question to know if you were currently studying in a University or TAFE LIS Course. 

Part 2: Reflected on if you were a library graduate, library technician or still studying.

The Part 1 results showed that students were studying LIS University and TAFE courses at: 

  • Charles Sturt University
  •  Curtin University 
  •  University of South Australia 
  • WA: North Metro TAFE

Part 2 results indicated that 50% of participants were Graduate Librarians and 33.3% were Graduate Library Technicians.

16.7% of participants were still studying in a Library and Information Service course.

Visit the ALIA Accredited Courses page to view courses for Librarians and Library Specialists, Teacher Librarians and Library Technicians.

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Revise your Resume in 2023 with ALIA Resume Review Service!

ALIA Students, graduates, technicians and personal members, 

Are you looking at finding resume advice or editing your resume for 2023?

ALIA Members, you can have your resume reviewed by the ALIA Students and New Graduates Resume Review Service (ALIA RRS) up to three times a year. (This resume review service is FREE for ALIA Members).

Why should you have your resume reviewed by the RRS team?

– Have the opportunity to ask for feedback and advice on the layout, style and functionality of your resume to a #GLAMR industry resume reviewer.

– Ask your reviewer questions on adding professional development, interpersonal skills, practicum placement, education, volunteering and work experience to your resume.

– Have your resume checked for Grammar and spelling errors you may have missed.

How to request a review:

 Send an email to with the subject line ‘Resume review request’ and include the following information in the email:

  1. Your resume as a Word document attachment (.doc, .docx, or .rtf)
  2. Your name and email address
  3. Your ALIA Membership number
  4. A list of any areas that you would like resume feedback for
  5. If applying for a specific job, please include an active PDF link or file attachment for the job you are applying

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Get to know Social Media SEO for Libraries with Misskoko the Librarian.

Congratulations to ALIA VIC’s Jade KoeKoe, aka Misskoko the Librarian (@misskokolib on Twitter), for her “MUST KNOW for libraries – Social Media SEO” blog post on Princh Library Blog.

Explore Jade’s post to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media SEO and how to use #backlinks to optimise your library presence and create engagement with the audience who follow your library.

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Princh. (2023, January 12). Must Know for Libraries: Social Media SEO. [Blog post]. Retrieved from