Upcoming ALIA NGAC event: Decoding Selection Criteria

If you enjoyed October’s decoding selection criteria #AusLibChat, you will love this event!

Following on from a vibrant Professional Pathway’s consultation workshop, ALIA NGAC and SNGG have asked a panel of experienced LIS professionals to take a look at some criteria for entry-level library roles and discuss how they would respond.

You might even like to use #AusLibChat on Twitter, to see what others discussed in October, before this session!

Date: Tuesday, 29th November, 7-8 pm, Online.

Don’t miss out, make sure you register here: Decoding Selection Criteria


September Newsletter 2022

Welcome to September’s newsletter! 

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Get Engaged with ALIA SNGG WordPress Blog!

Join ALIA SNGG WordPress Blog Team.

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group are searching for new Social Media Coordinators for the ALIA SNGG Blog.

📌Key Selection Information:

Are you an ALIA Member/ALIA Technician?
Do you have strong social media and writing skills?
Are you interested in web design, web accessibility and communication?
Are you creative with a passion for #GLAMR?
Interested in networking with the GLAMR community?

📌Sounds like you? Email your expression of interest to join the blog team at: alianewgraduatesgroup@gmail.com.

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Get Engaged with the ALIA Resume Review Service!

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group Resume Review Service are searching for new Resume Review Coordinators to join the team. 

📌Who can join?

-ALIA Members

-ALIA Regional Coordinators 

-ALIA Social Media Coordinators (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WordPress blog).

Sounds like you? Email your expression of interest to join the blog team at: alianewgraduatesgroup@gmail.com.

Request a Resume Review with the ALIA Resume Review Service!

Are you a student, new graduate or professional searching for a #GLAMR job or resume writing advice? 

📌Eligibility for a review from the service:

  • Current ALIA Member
  • Recent qualified library technicians/librarians
  • Current student in a library technician or library course in Australia. 

(Professionals returning to the workforce after a hiatus are also welcome).

📌Please note: there is a limit of three reviews per year

📌How to request a review:

 Send an email to alia.sngg.rrs@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Resume review request’ and include the following information in the email:

  1. Your resume attached as a Word document (.doc, .docx, or .rtf)
  2. Your name and email address
  3. Your ALIA number
  4. A list of any areas of the resume you would like resume feedback for
  5. If applying for a specific job, please include an active PDF link or file attachment for the job you are applying

📌What to expect:

Your selected reviewer will reply to you within two weeks with feedback on improving your resume based on their experience and expertise.

The resume review is confidential. 

The Resume Review Service Coordinator and the selected reviewer will delete your files once the review is complete.

We will add your name and email address to a Google Spreadsheet accessible only to the service coordinators. Please let us know if you do not want your details kept on the Google Spreadsheet after the review. 

📌Please email alia.sngg.rrs@gmail.com for questions about this resume review service and your eligibility.

Join ALIA SNGG Book Club September – October read-a-long.

Source your book to join ALIA SNGG Book Club’s September – October read-a-long of The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. Make sure to share what version of the book you are reading with the Facebook group.

Join the ALIA SNGG Book Club this month on Facebook for their latest discussion in their September – October read-a-long of The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde.

Make sure to share what version of the book you are reading in the chat!

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ALIA NGAC Upskilling #AusLibChat!

ALIA NGAC AusLibChat on Upskilling.

Join ALIA NGAC on Tuesday the 6th of September for their next Twitter #AusLibChat on Upskilling.

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ALIA NGAC are searching for new members!

  • Are you an ALIA Associate/Allied Field Member?
  • Are you interested in growing your networking/leadership, design & #projectmanagement skills?

EOI by 10/10/22.

View the #ALIASNGG WordPress link for more details.



ALIA QLD Mini Conference

Registration is now open to join @aliaQLD for their ALIA Queensland Mini Conference at the Edge, the State Library of Queensland on the 2nd of November, 2022.

For more information visit ALIA QLD WordPress page.

Join ALIA Vic for their Why Classify Event!

Join ALIA Vic on October the 30th at 2:00 pm at Prahran Mechanics Institute Victorian History Library (PMI Victorian History Library) for a conversation on classification.

Find answers to how classification works in a library and why it is relevant.

RSVP at aliavicgroup@gmail.com to join the event!

Professional Pathways

Students and new graduates!

Join ALIA NewGrads, ALIA NGAC and ALIA’s Director of Policy & Education Trish Hepworth for a FREE Zoom Professional Pathways: Students and New Graduates Information Session!

When:06/10/22 at 7 pm (AEDT)

Where: Online

Register at the link below:

This September, phase one of ALIA’s Professional Pathways Consultation Program is happening across Australia.

States that are running Professional Pathways Workshops include:

Completed Professional Pathways Workshops:

  • Cairns and Townsville 2nd September
  • Perth 8th September

Registration is still open to join:

  • Sydney RSVP by 25th September
  • Hobart RSVP by 26th September 
  • Launceston by 27th September
  • Melbourne by 2nd October
  • Adelaide by 1st November

View ALIA’s Event Listing page for more information.

ALIA Disability Web Accessibility Wrap-up

Last month ALIA Disability had its latest webinar on website accessibility. Features presentations by Michelle Ou from the Centre for Inclusive Design and Rosie Luscombe from the Digital Access Team at Vision Australia.

Areas of the webinar address:

  •  Creating accessible web documents using Headings and Structures in Word and PowerPoint 
  • Adding Alternative Text to images
  • Correctly naming Hyperlinks
  • Exploring Colour contrast to check the visibility of foreground and background images, text and websites
  • Reading Order

Rosie Luscome’s tips for writing alternative text are:

  1. Describe the most important and information element of the images (race, gender and disability if known)
  2. Don’t start your alt-text with “image of”
  3. Include all text within the image
  4. Don’t write lengthy alt-text

View ALIA Disability’s link on ALIANational’s YouTube Channel.

Reference List:

Vision Australia. (2022). Colour Contrast Analyser.https://www.visionaustralia.org/business-consulting/digital-access/resources/colour-contrast-analyser

Catch up on ALIA Graphic September Creator Chat!

Catch up with ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics for their recent creator chat with Jon Sommariva, the co-creator of the Neverlanders graphic novel!

Learn how Jon Sommariva got into the world of comics and what are his favourite comics to read and draw.

View the #JonSommariva creator chat on the ALIA Graphic YouTube.

Reference: ALIAGraphicNovelsandComic. (2022, September 09), Jon Sommariva Creator Chat [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVr5RzEQrDQ

#ALIAGraphic #CreatorChat

View ALIA’s Event Listing page for more information on Events in your state!

New year – same fabulous you! PD for 2021

For our first #auslibchat of 2021 we will be talking about your professional development plans for the year.  How do you plan to keep up with your fabulousness? 

  1. Does your workplace have a budget for PD and/or planned PD opportunities.
  2. What was the most valuable PD you have done in the past year?
  3. What skills are better learnt through formal learning, and which on the job?
  4. How do you keep on top of changes that might impact your work – for example standards and guidelines, international developments? Do you consider this PD?
  5. Is it important to you to be seen as a professional or para professional? Would maintaining your professional recognition encourage you to do PD?

Join us for #AusLibChat on 2 February at our daylight savings time.

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#AusLibChat – The stereotypical librarian in life, fiction and media

Let’s face it, librarians have their stereotypes. How do these stereotypes carry across to popular culture? In December’s #AusLibChat we will expose the stereotypical librarian, look at how they are portrayed in literature, film and TV and then try to come up with our own version of the 21st-century librarian.


  1. Who’s your favourite librarian portrayed in a film, TV or literature? Least favourite? Were there any that made you want to become a librarian?
  2. So you’ve seen Dude Perfect’s Stereotypes (if not they’re here), if they did one on Librarians, what would be in it?
  3. What do you do in your day that isn’t stereotypical?
  4. Do stereotypes hurt our profession? How or how not?
  5. How would you have a librarian portrayed in a book or film (apart from them saving the world)?

Join us for #AusLibChat on 1 December (remember it’s daylight savings times)!

Would you rather: Self promote or swim with sharks

Self-promotion is an unavoidable part of the workforce. From education and training applications, to job applications, interviews and performance development reviews we are asked to describe our performance throughout our careers. Are you comfortable with this aspect of the workplace or would you rather secure your next opportunity by jumping in with a tank of sharks? 


  1. Do you consider yourself a good self-promoter? Is this something that comes naturally or have you worked at it? If you don’t, is this something that you are working towards?
  2. What forms of self-promotion are you comfortable using? Would you rather discuss your performance subjectively or demonstrate it with stats and figures?
  3. Are you more comfortable promoting your library/organisation or yourself personally?
  4. Have you seen others self-promote in a way that you would like to try. Is there anything holding you back from doing so?
  5. Is there such a thing as bad self promotion? Can you give examples?

Join us for #AusLibChat on 3 November at the new daylight savings times!