October Newsletter

ALIA Students and New GraduatesOctober 2017


Welcome to the ALIA Students and New Graduates’ secondly monthly update!

We hope you found our September Newsletter a useful resource for keeping track of all the events, post-event wrap ups and other exciting things ALIA SNGG got up to in September. The October Newsletter will function in the same way – so be sure to bookmark this blog post and check back regularly throughout the month as upcoming events are announced and new content is added to the blog.


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ALIA SNGG September Update

ALIA Students and New GraduatesSeptember 2017


Welcome to the ALIA Students and New Graduates’ first monthly update!

At the beginning of each month we will update you on what we’re up to and what events you can look forward to.   We will also keep you up to date on the latest from the ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee.

Let us know what you think in the comments, as this is a work in progress.  As the month goes on, we will update this post with any new events for this month, so be sure to bookmark this post and check back throughout the month.

So, without further ado, we present our very first update! Enjoy!

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Australian National Resume Review – LIS students & new graduates

Attention recent and soon-to-be graduates! The ALIA Student and New Graduates Group is starting a new pilot initiative: a resume review service to support your job seeking process. Whether you’re applying for a specific job or just need general advice, we can arrange to have your resume reviewed by an experienced professional.

Eligibility for a review during the pilot for this initiative:

  • Recently qualified library technician or librarian, or current student in a library technician or library programme in Australia. Professionals returning to the workforce after a hiatus are also welcome.
  • AND current ALIA member

Please note: there is a limit of three reviews per year

How to request a review:
Send an email to alianewgraduatesgroup@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Resume review request’ and include the following information in the email:

  1. Your resume attached as a Word document (.doc, .docx, or .rtf)
  2. Your name and email address
  3. Your ALIA number
  4. The job posting to which you’re applying (include an active link or file attachment). If you’re not applying for a specific position, describe the type of position you plan to seek, including type of library (e.g., public, academic, special) and type of duties (e.g., technical services, reference and instruction, etc).
  5. A list of any specific aspects of the resume that you’d like the reviewer to focus on.

What to expect:
You will receive a reply from your reviewer within two weeks with advice on how to improve your resume, based on his or her experience and expertise. The review is confidential. Your documents will be handled by this service’s coordinators and viewed by the reviewer only. Your files will be deleted after the review is complete. Your name and email address will be stored in a Google Spreadsheet, which is accessible only to the service coordinators.

If you have any questions about this service or your eligibility, please include them in the comments of this post or send a private email to alianewgraduatesgroup@gmail.com


#tweetAugust : Get Ready to Tweet!

#tweetAugust starts on Monday the 1st of August!

Take the challenge to tweet once a day for a month! If you don’t think you can manage this – don’t despair – just try your best and get involved! If you haven’t used twitter before this is your chance to give it a go and see what all the fuss is about!

Why #tweetAugust?
Twitter is an excellent medium to connect and keep up to date with people and information. Getting involved in the #tweetAugust event will extent your PLN (personal learning network) and give you the opportunity to connect with library folk across Australia (and maybe further) and develop your professional online presence. Unlike blogs, tweets can be composed in a couple of minutes (including a non-smart phone) and can be quickly scanned and read – #tweetAugust doesn’t need to take more than five minutes a day and that can be while you wait for the train or in the supermarket queue!

What to tweet about?
Anything you want! New technologies, exciting ideas, interesting facts, philosophies on our profession, daily gripes (often amusing and definitely welcome, but remember we aren’t talking in a closed room!).

Make sure you remember to add the hashtag #tweetAugust to every tweet. By adding this tag you create a searchable link which we can all follow.

To get the ball rolling, here are some of the NGG teams twitter usernames:

See you Monday on Twitter!