May Newsletter

ALIA Students and New GraduatesMay 2018


Welcome to our newsletter for May!  

May is shaping up to be an exciting month for GLAMR professions – Library and Information Week is just around the corner and National Simultaneous Storytime is sure to be a hit again in 2018!

Remember to check back with this newsletter throughout the month for updates on what we’re up on online and in your state.


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Call out for ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinators in Victoria and Australian Capital Territory

We Need You VIC and ACT

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group is looking for people to join our group as Regional Coordinators in Victoria and Australian Capital Territory.

Are you enthusiastic and passionate about our profession? Are you looking for a way to contribute to the GLAMR community? Do you want to meet new people and strengthen your professional network? Then becoming an ALIA Regional Coordinator is right up your alley!

As an ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinator, you will have the opportunity to:

  • become part of a national group that is passionate about assisting new information professionals in their careers;
  • organise and facilitate a wide range of social and professional events;
  • establish and expand your professional network by liaising with the professional community.

Plus, you can add the role to your resume/ CV and demonstrate your active engagement in the profession!

Note: This is a volunteer role, and you need to be an ALIA member to be a Coordinator. Grab a discounted student rate!

For more information about the role see the position description.

If you are interested in applying please send an email to

We look forward to getting an email from you!

Closing date: Friday 17 November.

Melbourne – Interview Skills Seminar Wrap Up


Following on from our Key Selection Criteria Seminar in June, the Victorian ALIA SNGG team hosted its second tool building seminar for the year in August: the topic this time was Interview Skills.

Understanding this daunting part of the job hunting process, our panel of industry experts gave their best tips and advice for succeeding in a job interview. The diverse group included:

  • Anna Findlay, Senior Advisor, Library Liaison and Engagement, La Trobe University Library
  • Karyn Siegmann, Manager Library Services, Bayside City Council
  • Carolyn Macvean, Manager, Parliamentary Library and Information Service Victoria

Covering a number of different library sectors, the presenters gave advice based on their own experience both as a candidate and as a recruiter. Some of their their best tips and advice were:

Before the interview:

  • If given a choice for your interview time choose the first or last of the day. That way you will have more chance of being memorable.
  • Study the key selection criteria and come up with examples from your personal experience. The questions asked will usually be drawn from the KSC.
  • Many places use behavioural questions, so have a look at some examples of these so you can be prepared.
  • Keep up with current trends in the library sector and show that you’re interested and engaged in the industry.  Attend networking and PD events, and conferences. Showing a recruiter that you are passionate about the industry is much more attractive than telling them. (Coming to ALIA events is a great start!)
  • Make notes to take with you. If you don’t want to forget that awesome example you had for that behavioural question, write it down. It’s okay to refer to notes during an interview, and shows recruiters how well prepared you are.
  • Do your research!
    • Make sure you have researched the organisation you are interviewing for. Look at their website and read through their strategic and annual plans, then consider how you and your skills can contribute to these plans.
    • Make an effort to understand the community your are applying to work with. How well do you know the types of clients the organisation services?
    • Have you thought about the future of public libraries when applying for a job in one? Do your research and you’ll be able to ace this question!

During the interview:

  • Dress neat, smart and comfortable. This doesn’t mean you have to mask your personality in corporate attire. You can and should be authentic in your appearance.
  • Pause… Breathe… You’re allowed to ask a recruiter to repeat a question, ask for a moment to gather your thoughts, or to refer to your notes.
  • Big NOs in an interview: Don’t be a smartarse, don’t be dishonest, don’t forget to iron your shirt!

Bonus pro tip:

  • Keep an aspirations job folder with position descriptions of your dream jobs to help you think about the skills you want to develop.

If you missed the event or have forgotten something you can watch the live video from the night on Facebook.


You can find other great tips by checking out the tweets from the night.

For even more help SNGGing that dream job, check out the National Resume Review Service offered by ALIA SNGG. This service allows you to send your resume to an industry professional who will provide you feedback and tips for improvement. This service is available to all ALIA members, including student members!

ALIA SNGG also have more job SNGGing information on our Job Site. Check it out!

Our next event is a more casual social event: Join us for our Spring Social event on Thursday 21 September. Hope to see you there!


Victoria: July Social Event Wrap Up

On a chilly winter’s evening last week Victoria ALIA Students and New Graduates Group had their July social event around a cosy corner table at Captain Melville. Though the weather outside was cold, all who attended were in high spirits and enjoyed the evening thoroughly. It was wonderful to catch up with familiar faces and to meet some new ones.
Although we all know that networking is something we should be doing, it can seem daunting at times. Because of this we try to make our monthly social events a fun and pressure-free way to connect with other new and future information professionals over some food and drinks. Everyone is always very friendly and conversation is wide ranging – it’s not always work talk we promise!

Our next event will be our tool building seminar on interview skills, so keep an eye on the ALIA SNGG social channels for details and we hope to see you there!

Melbourne – Responding to Key Selection Criteria Workshop Wrap Up

Melbourne – Responding to Key Selection Criteria Workshop Wrap Up


The Victorian ALIA SNGG team hosted its first tool building seminar for 2017 on responding to Key Selection Criteria at RMIT University on June 28.

The event was well attended, and those who bared the winter cold heard from our panel of experts:

  • Romany Manuell, Subject Librarian for Art, Design and Architecture at Monash University (watch their video)
  • Laurie Atkinson, Director Law Library of Victoria and Supreme Court Librarian (watch their video)
  • Kathryn Donkin, Library and Operations Team Leader, City of Melbourne (watch their video)


The presenters drew on their wealth of experience to give attendees their best advice for compiling job winning key selection criteria. Here’s a summary of their top tips:


Read and follow the ‘how to apply’ instructions. Overseeing this simple detail and submitting something that does not respond to what the employer has asked for will almost certainly see your application go to the ‘No’ pile.

All three presenters mentioned this so it’s our number one tip.


Make your application easy for the employer to see why they need you in their organisation. Your job isn’t just to tell them how great you are, but how great you will be for them once you are in the role.


Some simple layout changes are easy ways to increase your chances of getting that job:

  • Use an easy to read font, such as Arial.
  • Address the application to the correct person (by name, and spelt correctly) – if there is a name on the ad – use it!
  • Write out each key selection criteria as headings on the document (don’t just number them).
  • Send your application as a pdf to ensure the employer will see it correctly formatted – Word is not safe.
  • And of course, show off your attention to detail by ensuring there are no spelling or grammar mistakes!


Don’t skirt around the content of the key selection criteria, show you are capable of writing on topic. Break down the different points of the each key selection criteria and answer them separately if this will help. Consider using bullet points to clarify, or hyperlinks to online projects in order to showcase your skills.


Don’t do it alone. Reach out to your network for help. Ask a friend or mentor to read over it, and make sure they are prepared to give you an honest opinion that will help you improve your job application.

If you missed the event or have forgotten something, you can watch videos of the three speakers from the event on our YouTube channel.

You can find more great tips from the night by checking out the tweets posted on the night, #SNGGthatjob and by viewing the slides from our presenters on the evening

If you’d like more advice on your application remember that ALIA SNGG offers a National Resume Review Service where you can email your resume through to receive feedback from an industry professional. This service is available to ALIA members, including student members.

ALIA SNGG have more information to help you get that job on our Job Site. Check it out.

VIC ALIA Student and New Graduates Group (SNGG) will hold their annual Tool-Building Seminar #2: Interview Skills on Wednesday 30 August at RMIT Uni, Building 80, Level 3, Room 15. 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start. Hope to see you there!