Why we love our libraries. — ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group

Our libraries and our roles within them might be different but, there are things that draw us together in our love for our libraries. Working in libraries allows us to make order out of chaos, and I’m sure we’re all quite familiar with Neil Gaiman’s famous quote “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A […]

Why we love our libraries. — ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group

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ALIA Awards!

Congratulations to ALIA’s Distinguished Certified Professional Award recipients:

  • Lorraine Heller-Nicholls AALIA (DCP) from ALIA NGAC Group.
  • Michelle Lafferty AALIA (DCP)
  • Jane Cowell AALIA(DCP)Public Library
  • Michael Barry ALIATec(DCP) from ALIA Vic Group
  • Catherine Barnes AALIA(DCP
  • Robyn Lihou AALIA(DCP) LIS Practitioner

ALIA Student Awards:

Congratulations to ALIA’s Student Award recipients:

  • Kim Chalker (TAFE NSW, Newcastle)
  • Neda Ameghino (TAFE QLD, Brisbane)
  • Hannah Rose (Swinburne University)
  • Rochelle Crone (Swinburne University)

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ALIA SNGG 2023 LIS WednesdayWanders Twitter Poll recap!

In December 2022, ALIASNGG Twitter created a #WednesdayWanders Twitter poll on libraries and information services. 

Part 1: Asked the question to know if you were currently studying in a University or TAFE LIS Course. 

Part 2: Reflected on if you were a library graduate, library technician or still studying.

The Part 1 results showed that students were studying LIS University and TAFE courses at: 

  • Charles Sturt University
  •  Curtin University 
  •  University of South Australia 
  • WA: North Metro TAFE

Part 2 results indicated that 50% of participants were Graduate Librarians and 33.3% were Graduate Library Technicians.

16.7% of participants were still studying in a Library and Information Service course.

Visit the ALIA Accredited Courses page to view courses for Librarians and Library Specialists, Teacher Librarians and Library Technicians.

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Revise your Resume in 2023 with ALIA Resume Review Service!

ALIA Students, graduates, technicians and personal members, 

Are you looking at finding resume advice or editing your resume for 2023?

ALIA Members, you can have your resume reviewed by the ALIA Students and New Graduates Resume Review Service (ALIA RRS) up to three times a year. (This resume review service is FREE for ALIA Members).

Why should you have your resume reviewed by the RRS team?

– Have the opportunity to ask for feedback and advice on the layout, style and functionality of your resume to a #GLAMR industry resume reviewer.

– Ask your reviewer questions on adding professional development, interpersonal skills, practicum placement, education, volunteering and work experience to your resume.

– Have your resume checked for Grammar and spelling errors you may have missed.

How to request a review:

 Send an email to alia.sngg.rrs@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Resume review request’ and include the following information in the email:

  1. Your resume as a Word document attachment (.doc, .docx, or .rtf)
  2. Your name and email address
  3. Your ALIA Membership number
  4. A list of any areas that you would like resume feedback for
  5. If applying for a specific job, please include an active PDF link or file attachment for the job you are applying

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We want your ALIA New Grads Feedback/Suggestions!

ALIANewGrads, the ALIA SNGG Facebook team, would like to know what content you want them to post.

More memes? More catch-ups? Discord games? Or more professional development events (interviews, resumes etc.)?

Let us know anonymously and provide your ALIA New Grads Feedback/Suggestions on this Free Suggestion Box link.

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