Library Futures and Staying Relevant (4/12/18)

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Join us for the last #auslibchat of 2018. The questions are:

Q1. What trends or changes have impacted your GLAMR role or workplace in 2018?

Q2. How do you stay well informed of future GLAMR trends or sector developments?

Q3. What changes need to be prioritised to better service the information needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?

Q4. What key concerns and hopes do you have for the future of the GLAMR sector?

Q5. Things are changing in the GLAMR sector – what’s one thing we should hang on to and one thing we should leave behind?

So be on Twitter at 9pm AEDT on Tuesday 4th December. And, if you’re new to #auslibchat, check out our awesome guide to participating.


October Newsletter

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October 2018

Welcome to the news for October!  

Spring has sprung giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun and get involved in some activities on offer this month. 

Remember to check back with this newsletter throughout the month for updates on what we’re up to on online and in your state.

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Records and Archives (4/9/2018)

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September’s #auslibchat focused on records and archives. Catch up on the chat via Wakelet.


Are you a library or information professional interested in knowing more about records and archives? Or do you work in archives and records and want to share your knowledge? Join us for September’s #auslibchat. Here are the questions:

Q1: What do archivists, librarians and records professionals have in common?

Q2: Does your institution digitise records and archives and if so, how do they choose what to digitise?

Q3: How can we ensure the definition of a record is inclusive of Indigenous knowledge?

Q4: Why is diversity important in records and archives and how can we support it?

Q5: Deadline 2025 suggests that magnetic based audiovisual materials will be lost if not digitised by 2025. Will this impact on your organisation?


Records and archives resources:

Australian Society of Archivists (ASA)

Records and Information Management Australia (RIMPA)

Deadline 2025: Collections at Risk

GLAM Peak Digital Access to Collections

Find & Connect “A resource for Forgotten Australians, Former Child Migrants and anyone interested in the history of child welfare in Australia.”

Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives


Image credit: ap_00790r 1955 via State Library of New South Wales


Public Special (7/8/2018)

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The topic for August’s #auslibchat was Public Libraries. Whether you work at them, regularly use them or love them from afar. Catch up via Wakelet. 

Here’s the questions:

Q1. Are you a member of your local public library? Why/why not?

Q2. From toddler storytime to tech savvy seniors, how does your public library address the diverse needs of your community?

Q3. What does your public library need more or less of?

Q4. How does your public library communicate with local communities? Does your library engage in advocacy?

Q5. What are your recommendations for professional development and resources for public library staff?

Image credit: Mobile library 1950 via the State Library of New South Wales