Back 2 School (1/3/2022)

ALIA NGAC is going Back 2 School! For the March #AusLibChat, we want to hear your thoughts and experiences on the concept of librarians as teachers. Tell us about your favourite educational programs, teaching pedagogies, and how you support lifelong learning in your library.


  1. What sort of library do you work in and how does your library support lifelong learning?
  2. Besides reading, what other areas of learning does your library actively support?
  3. How do you identify your users’ learning and information needs?
  4. Whether you’re leading programs, classes, or presentations, how have you improved your skills at facilitating learning?
  5. Videos and books, articles and more! Share your favourite teaching resources

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Comment anonymously? Email your questions or answers to or PM @aliangac and we’ll include them on your behalf.