ALIA Graphic Presents: Get the Full Picture (1/6/2021)

Comics are a unique medium, one that combines multiple literacies.  The good news is that graphic novels are flying off the shelves. Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man and Raina Telgemeier’s books have changed a lot of perceptions. A new group of Australian creators, often publishing their graphic novels with international publishers are also making waves. Every library needs a graphic novels champion which is why ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics was created. So let’s get the full picture with our @ALIAGraphic friends.


  1. Comics used to be hidden away in the 741.5, but are now often celebrated in their own sections. What is your library’s graphic novel collection like now? For J, YA and Adult.
  2. Comics are still often thought of as for children and teenagers, will we ever get to a position when they are seen as great literature for adults too? How is your library tracking?
  3. Comics are texts with multiple literacies and excellent for education settings. How can we promote their literacy and educational benefits better?
  4. In your experience, are online graphic novels borrowed as often as physical graphic novels? How are graphics promoted as e-resources?
  5. How do you display your graphic novel collections? What are some creative displays or events that you have seen in other libraries?