A Bibliophilic Chat (5/7/2022)

For July’s #AusLibChat we are calling all booklovers for a chat on all things books. Bring your inner (or outer) bibliophile and let us know what you are reading and recommending, how your reading group works and basically everything about our love of books. Tear yourself away from your current read on Tuesday 5 July at 9pm AEST and join us for this bookish chat.


1. Are you part of a book club or reading group? What is the group currently reading?

2. What has been your favourite book read in 2022 so far? And/or what are the most popular books in your library this year?

3. How important is it in your role to keep updated with current reads? And how do you keep up to date?

4. Give us your best detective story! Tell us how you found that book requested with no name or author.

5. And this question is mainly for all those studying – are you using eBooks or physical books? And are you sourcing these from your institution’s library or having to pay for them? What is your financial burden of books while studying?

If you’re new to Twitter, and/or #AusLibChat, be sure to check out this blog post and/or watch this video on how to participate.

Comment anonymously? Email your questions or answers to aliangac@gmail.com or PM @aliangac and we’ll include them on your behalf.