ALIA SNGG 2023 LIS WednesdayWanders Twitter Poll recap!

In December 2022, ALIASNGG Twitter created a #WednesdayWanders Twitter poll on libraries and information services. 

Part 1: Asked the question to know if you were currently studying in a University or TAFE LIS Course. 

Part 2: Reflected on if you were a library graduate, library technician or still studying.

The Part 1 results showed that students were studying LIS University and TAFE courses at: 

  • Charles Sturt University
  •  Curtin University 
  •  University of South Australia 
  • WA: North Metro TAFE

Part 2 results indicated that 50% of participants were Graduate Librarians and 33.3% were Graduate Library Technicians.

16.7% of participants were still studying in a Library and Information Service course.

Visit the ALIA Accredited Courses page to view courses for Librarians and Library Specialists, Teacher Librarians and Library Technicians.

#ALIASNGG #Students #Graduates #Libraries #InformationServices #Librarians #LibraryTechnician #LIS #GLAMR


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