ALIA Graphic Webinar Recap!

On November 30, ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics Group held their second annual webinar; Nurturing and Inspiring Reading and Creativity With Comics and Manga. The event was a great success! The webinar talked about all things Junior and YA comics and manga. Most importantly, the inspiration and creativity these novels can bring to reading!

With talks from Gabby Cundy, librarian of Children’s and Youth literature and comics, Jillian Rudes, librarian and creator of the Manga in Libraries webinar series, and Elizabeth Marruffo and Campbell Whyte, comic book creators, directors and artists of Milktooth Arts Space.

The best part?…ALIA Graphic recorded the webinar! Catch up via the ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics Youtube channel.

You can also catch up on more from the ALIA Graphic Group via their blog – ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics.


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