Education (7/7/20)

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Join us for a chat about education, hosted by the Curtin Information Studies Club on Tuesday 7th July at 9pm AEST.

Missed the chat? Take a look at the Wakelet here.


  1. ALIA released a statement on the changes to university fees including consideration of the faculties relevant to a LIS degree. Do you consider LIS an Arts/Humanities or Industry/Science degree?
  2. Should an Information Studies degree/diploma etc. be a requirement for staff in Information Studies institutions? And why?
  3. What positive change have you seen in LIS education? And what would you change about LIS education if you could?  
  4. Our industry is part of the broader discussion surrounding representation, diversity and inclusion. Do you feel that these issues are adequately covered in LIS education?
  5. How do you feel about online learning, especially in the wake of COVID-19?

New to #AusLibChat? Find more information here.


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