Leadership (2/7/2019)


July #auslibchat Twitter_Wordpress-2

Leadership has a different definition depending on who in the GLAMR sector you ask. It is often misinterpreted as management, or as the responsibility of those in more ‘senior’ roles.

This month we’re going to chat about leadership and how this quality can be developed by anyone, at any point in their professional lives.

Miss the chat? You can check out the Wakelet to see what happened.

Here are the questions:

Q1. What does leadership mean to you in your GLAMR role?

Q2. Representation is key. What do you want to see in our leaders that would best represent you or your ideals?

Q3. A strong sense of self-efficacy is often said to be the cornerstone of leadership. How do you develop this quality?

Q4. From your experience of leading a group assignment, a project, or a team – what are the most important lessons you’ve learned?

Image credit: Three kittens via Pixabay.

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